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Ben Navaee Gallery
1107 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON M4M 1K7
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1 to 5 p.m. daily and by appointment
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How do we begin to tackle all the injustices of the world when the problems and challenges facing many of our citizens seem so overwhelming? Poverty, homelessness, disease, the devastation of the forces of nature - what can we possibly contribute that will have a substantial and positive impact on our fellow human beings and to remedy the situations in which many find themselves?

The answer lies in our ability to do what we can within the limitations of our skills, talents, finances, personal abilities and, sometimes, even within our inabilities. One thing is for certain, the mind and our capacity to hope and dream recognizes no boundaries or limitations. What we can conceive, we truly can achieve. In fact, I will go one step further and confide that what we can conceive - through the strength of our will, meditation, connecting to our spirit and compassion - we can truly manifest.

We are capable and free to think as large or small as we feel compelled. The universe is filled with amazing energy and beautiful secrets that we merely need to open our minds toward and to allow to enter our souls in order to unleash their powers and find solutions.

Being receptive to knowledge, to allow ourselves to become educated on critical issues and, in turn, sharing that knowledge with others gives us power and is ultimately the most rewarding experience that life has to offer.


Ben Navaee Gallery has been relocated from 29 Bellair St. in Yorkville, to the beautiful gallery at 1111 Queen St. East in 2006; In July 2011, moved from 1111 to 1107 Queen St. East. The new place is also flooded with natural light and is in the heart of Toronto's film District / Leslieville. The gallery is run by Ben Navaee who is a musician, photographer, painter and a certified yoga instructor- specialized in relaxation / meditation. His painting style's known as Ārām art. Ārām in Sanskrit means quiet, calm, and taking rest. Ārām art is a mellow and non - expressionistic view of life's phenomena, with immaterial soothing subjects that make the body quiet and peaceful, the mind, calm and relaxed, the spirit, gentle and serene. Ārām art promotes positive emotions for an easy and mindful living.

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