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Canadian Content

by Joel Kuennen
In 1968, the idea of Canadian Content was set down as law in the Broadcasting Act of Canada. It ensures that “each broadcasting undertaking shall make maximum use, and in no case less than predominant use, of Canadian creative and other resources in the creation and presentation of programming.” As Ryan Edwardson aptly points out in his book (2008), Canadian Content is a cultural response to a very determined approach to country-building as a “post-colonial national project.” The first few... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 10/23/13

Why Toronto?: Focus on Toronto International Art Fair

by David Yu
If ever asked to conjure up a list of international art fairs I would bet Art Toronto is pretty low on that list (that’s even if the fair makes it on the list at all). With such heavy hitting art fairs like Frieze, Hong Kong International Art Fair, The Armory Show, Art Basel and Art Basel Miami, it’s obvious why Art Toronto could be overlooked on an international art market platform. However, Art Toronto does fill a necessary hole for Canadian collectors. One could literally walk around this... [more]
Posted by David Yu on 10/24/12