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Heads and Tails

by Stephanie Cristello
The overlap between artist and curator has a long history in Toronto – perhaps because of a lack of regional support, a need for more established art institutions, schools, and non-profits that hold curatorial positions, or the subsequent absence of a collector base for young artists – and this can sometimes sometimes prove problematic. A current exhibition by Micah Lexier, One, and Two, and More Than One, at The Power Plant comes the closest to what I have seen as striking a working balance between the two positions. The plurality cited in the title refers to the method in which the three... [more]
Posted by Stephanie Cristello on 10/4/13

A Dialogue in a Trecartian Tone

by Janine Armin
      This dialogue, derived from texts by art critic Hal Foster and physicist Richard Feynman, among others, has been mediated by the internet personas of Hunter S. Thompson, Edgar Allan Poe and Raymond Chandler. In a post-humanistic stasis, and based on Ryan Trecartin's major exhibtion at the Power Plant in Toronto, the mode of dialogue gains a Trecartinian tone. Written and regurgitated with Mathew Timmons.   1: For the non- initiate public the situation is quite different (as opposed to transparency of information): rather than the ultimate instrument of manipulability, the computer is the ultim... [more]
Posted by Janine Armin on 5/4/10

From the ArtSlant Archive: An Epic Exploration

by David Yu
Editor's Note: In honor of the opening of ArtSlant Toronto, we dug through our archives of Toronto reviews from the past few years. We're featuring the following review from David Yu, for its particular celebration of the Toronto scene, which remains cutting edge and experimental.   I’ve been away from the Toronto art scene for a number of years and was looking forward to revisiting the city that served as backdrop to the cultivation of my love for contemporary art. What I miss most about the Toronto approach towards exhibiting work are the conceptually curated, neatly packaged exhibitions that stimulate. The... [more]
Posted by David Yu on 8/15/09