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© Courtesy of the artist and Angell Gallery

1444 Dupont Street
Unit 15
Toronto, Ontario M6P 4H3
October 4th, 2013 - November 16th, 2013
Opening: October 4th, 2013 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Wed-Sat 12-5pm or by appointment
sculpture, mixed-media


ANGELL GALLERY is pleased to present WORK, a project exhibition by Toronto-born, New York-based artist JASON GRINGLER. WORK will on view from October 4 to November 9, 2013. An opening reception will be held on Friday October 4th, 6-9pm.

Jason Gringler is fast becoming a leading figure within a new generation of artists dealing with the history and trajectory of abstraction by simultaneously utilizing and challenging past traditions--bringing this storied form of modernism into the 21st century.

While references to modernist tendencies arise, Gringler’s approach is rooted in the pluralism of today. Using a palette of industrial products (Plexiglas, mirrored glass, aluminum tape, acrylic, spray paint, epoxy and wood), Gringler creates large-scale works in which rich and complex surfaces are juxtaposed with seemingly broken and decayed materials.

Plexiglas, one of the artist’s prime materials, is the antithesis of paint’s malleability. Yet Gringler’s works are eminently painterly. The shimmering fragmented reflections and discreet additions of sprayed on colour evoke the energy of gestural abstraction while paired with severe and formal compositions. The work tends to be anchored by a cross or X form, which recalls the painterly mark while simultaneously denying it.

Such considered oppositions are part of Gringler’s conceptual framework. By allowing the limits of his chosen material to help dictate composition, the work contains a formal rigor allowing the turbulent surfaces to transcend their own materiality. With a nod to the digital environment, Gringler’s practice also cannibalizes his large-scale works by using cut-up photographs to produce collages that in turn become studies for new large-scale works. “The source and the result simultaneously become the same and not the same. The original becomes lost as the language moves in a cyclical fashion.”

Gringler’s recent body of work includes two Plexiglas ‘copies’, essentially questioning the supposed expressive nature of painting. Also included is a recent sculpture where Gringler has built a utilitarian workbench with a mirrored face. The bench was used to produce the Plexiglas works for the exhibition and then upended and accented with a fluorescent light, effectively mimicking the composition of the paintings.

Jason Gringler was born in Toronto in 1978, and graduated from OCAD in 2001. He has held numerous solo exhibitions in the US, Germany, Canada, Spain and Italy most recently at Brand New Gallery in Milan. Upcoming solo presentations of Gringler’s work are scheduled for Munich, Cologne and New York. Recently his work has been reviewed in Artinfo, Flash Art and The Financial Times. His work is represented in the public collections of BMO Financial Group, Artothek Cologne and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, among many others.