Solo Exhibition

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Les Yeux Noirs Acrylic On Canvas 72" X 90" © Courtesy of the artist & Thompson Landry Gallery - The Cooperage
Solo Exhibition

6 Trinity Street
Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4
January 17th, 2013 - February 10th, 2013

Corktown / Distillery District / Harbour Front
Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 6pm Sunday: 12pm – 5pm


"The face carries the mark of the soul that it hides." This is the inspiration of young painter, Laurence Nerbonne, in her works of a touching humanity. Born in the Outaouais, and now living in Montreal, the 24 year old artist is recognized by her sharp brushstrokes of a maturity that greatly exceed her age. Nerbonne discovered the power of paintings in expositions and museums while growing up in a family with a great appreciation for the arts. This self-taught artist has always had the human face as her inspiration; it is now the central point of her work. Laurence creates this figurative artwork by using acrylic paints to bring to life portraits of large dimension; carefully choosing colors to express the emotional landscape of the characters. She uses shadows to etch the faces up close, and make us intimate with the characters; having us understand them better.

Nerbonne’s work is focused on the human being. Her paintings are inhabited by her characters which occupy most of the space on the canvas, usually surrounded by a darkened environment. This is the way the painter shows that the human landscape is far more profound than any other landscape. The closeness with these faces let us feel the pure emotion they exude; almost letting us taste their sensuality. The subjects, male, female, or child, carry a raw humanity that transpires from their intense look and the feline energy they release. It is in the stripping down of their identity that Nerbonne paints these characters for all the beauty they have. The painter tries to stop for a moment, to tear down the masks and reveal the hidden sensibility of modern man. She makes visible the time that passes, and the necessity to live life fully and truthfully for oneself.