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Euphydryas Archival Inket Print 27.3" × 20" © Courtesy of the artist and Angell Gallery

1444 Dupont Street
Unit 15
Toronto, Ontario M6P 4H3
December 8th, 2012 - January 12th, 2013
Opening: December 15th, 2012 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Wed-Sat 12-5pm or by appointment


ANGELL GALLERY is pleased to present Apomixis, an exhibition of new works by artist Dianne Davis. The exhibition will be in the west gallery from December 8 to January 12, 2013.

An opening reception will be held on December 15, 1:00 to 4:00 PM.

Dianne Davis' new body of work in the Apomixis series started with the question:"What would a Victorian era collection of queer specimens have looked like if it had existed? What if the curator was a woman?"

This collection might have been comprised of species such as the Checkerspot butterfly, the Scarab Beetle, and the Dragonfly, all of which have exhibited same sex 'mating' patterns; in the same vein as flowers such as lilies, which have both male and female organs and thus self-replicate.

Some of the objects in early collections or cabinets of curiosities were fiction pretending to be fact; namely, fabrications reflecting the preoccupations of collectors rather than reality. Similarly, this series conjures up visionary yet hallucinatory experiments of queer replication, mimicking the ability of some flowering and non flowering plants' ability to self-replicate through apomixis.

In apomixis, a replacement for 'normal' sexual reproduction, fertilization does not take place and the offspring retain the identical genotype of the maternal parent. The fantastical, mutating, self-replicating specimens in this series are the imagined result of these experiments, fabricated by combining fragments of portraits and specimens. These hybrid portraits are embedded with queer coded flowers and species known to exhibit queer mating patterns. They are part wish fulfillment, avoiding the challenges and ethical considerations of the logistics of queer procreation. They satisfy the desire for self-replication while simultaneously challenging us to contemplate the biological imperative that drives us to mirror ourselves in our progeny, lovers, partners and friends.

OCAD graduate Dianne Davis uses photography to explore and mirror states of mind; capturing human disconnection from one another, from our environment and the resulting retreat into individual worlds.

Dianne Davis has exhibited widely in Toronto, ON, including Harbourfront Centre, Xpace Cultural Centre, Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Nathan Philips Square, National Ballet School, LGBT Youth Line and Art Gallery of Ontario, to name a few. Dianne Davis' work has also received awards from Ontario Arts Council, Magnum Workshop Toronto and the Work-In-Progress Price of the Daylight Magazine/Center for Documentary Studies Photo Awards, 2012.