Objects of Vision

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Sighting , 1982 Aluminum 38.5 X 102 X 32.5 Cm. Ago, Gift Of M Ichael Snow, Toronto, 2001 © Michael Snow 2012
Objects of Vision

317 Dundas Street
West Toronto, Ontario M5T 1G4
July 18th, 2012 - December 9th, 2012

Chinatown / Kensington Market / The Grange
Toll free: 1-877-225-4246
Thurs to Tues 10am - 5.30pm, Wed 10am - 8.30pm, Closed Monday


Michael Snow is a Toronto born artist known internationally as a painter, sculptor, filmmaker, musician and author. This exhibition celebrates his achievement as the 2011 winner of the Gershon Iskowitz Prize.

Snow has always been a sculptor. "A pure sculptor," he explains, "an artist who makes objects." He makes things to look through, look around, look along, look at, up, down and behind, to look at yourself looking at things. By making vision the subject of the object, the looking activates the object. Looking that sometimes require touch, sometimes invites sitting and sometimes necessitates caution.

"All these works are Directors of Attention in the sense that their forms suggest the paths a spectator's eyes should take," he writes. In the most literal sense, Snow makes visual art: objects for you to see.

The sculptures in Objects of Vision are are abstract-form sculptures from three distinct yet essentially connected moments in the artist's career: the late 1950s, the late 1960s and 1982. The sculptures are instruments in the artist's orchestration of thinking about looking. While each work has a rich exhibition and publication history in varied contexts, they are presented here for the first time as one cohesive and focused investigation of sight and materiality.

This exhibition is organized by the Art Gallery of Ontario

The Gershon Iskowitz Foundation