OPEN CALL: $1,200 + museum exhibition + publication

Deadline: April 25, 2013


This Open Call is open to all emerging and established artists in all media, including painting, sculpture, textiles, photography, ceramics, architecture, and conceptual art.  Both traditional and experimental art-practices are welcomed.  A single winning candidate will receive a $1,200 honorarium to represent Alexander Bogdanov in the three week-long group MFA Thesis Exhibition at the Architecture, Design, and Art Museum in Santa Barbara, CA. 

In addition, the top 10 applicants will be represented in a full-color publication that will also be on view in the Museum throughout the exhibition.

This Open Call is organized exclusively by Alexander Bogdanov, 2013 MFA Studio Art candidate at UC Santa Barbara, in fulfillment of his thesis project.  All inquiries related to the open call should be directed to Bogdanov at

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The Venue:

The Architecture, Design, and Art Museum is a well-respected institution on the campus of University of California Santa Barbara.  It holds one of the largest architectural collections in North America and is known for its support of both established and emerging artists.  For more information on the Museum, please visit


The Exhibition:

In May, the museum will open the Thesis Exhibition to showcase the work of the graduating class of seven Studio Art MFA candidates.  Each artist maintains a unique practice reflecting their diverse backgrounds and interests.  These include film, sculpture, performance, internet-based, print and design, and painting and drawing practices.  They are among some of the most innovative voices emerging from Southern California’s arts scene.  The artist selected through this Open Call will feature his or her work alongside these promising young artists.  The exhibition will run from May 23rd through June 17th


Criteria for the Open Call:

Bogdanov has respect for all artistic practices and encourages applicants to apply with what they consider to be their best work, regardless of its content or medium. For information on Bogdanov’s recent organizational project, see

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DEADLINE: April 25th.

Entry fee: $20

By entering the Open Call, you agree to exhibit your work in the Museum in print form should you be selected among the top 10 candidates.  Should you be selected as the winning candidate, you agree to arrange for the safe transportation of your work to the Museum by May 15th and to have your work on display for the entire duration of the exhibition (May 23rd – June 17th).