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For the last six years, Santa Fe Clay has hosted a unique exhibit of dinnerware during the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts annual conference in cities across the U.S.  Due to the success and popularity of “La Mesa”, Santa Fe Clay is bringing this unique show back to our gallery in New Mexico this December. This spectacular one hundred foot banquet table display will fill the entire gallery, and over one hundred artists from across the country will present their place settings and centerpieces. This is a wonderful opportunity to view work in an extraordinary vari... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 12/12/10

Functional Pottery

Santa Fe Clay is pleased to exhibit three functional potters, Ingrid Bathe, Hiroe Hanazono and Deborah Schwartzkopf. Each woman will show a variety of pots in her own distinctive style. They all share the same goal of making exquisite vessels for the presentation and serving of food. Ingrid Bathe makes delicate porcelain pinch pots. A pale celadon glaze accents the impressions her fingers leave on the vessels. Hiroe Hanazono is a master mold maker. She creates intricate multi-pieced molds for each o... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 8/30/10

Dave Hicks, Patricia Sannit

Santa Fe Clay is pleased to present new work by David Hicks and Patricia Sannit in a two-person exhibit. This will be the first time that each of these artists is exhibiting at Santa Fe Clay. These artists are connected by material, but unique in their approach to the medium. They both are working in large scale, confronting the viewer with the power and impact of work that is architectural in nature. David Hicks is concerned with agriculture and life cycles in nature. His “System Pieces” are large honeycomb terracotta structures that resemble the substructure or vascular... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 8/10/10

Davis-Woodard & Yoppolo

        Santa Fe Clay is pleased to exhibit two functional potters. "CONSONANCE" features Charity Davis-Woodard and Gwendolyn Yoppolo. Each woman will show a variety of pots in her own distinctive style. Charity Davis-Woodard is a studio potter in Edwardsville Illinois. Her pieces are subtle, sweet and understated. Their strong form and structure is enhanced by a sensitivity to surface and detail. Her porcelain pieces are wood fired, and pop with matt and muted soothing colors that showcase the often-complex surface treatments. Gwendolyn Yoppolo is currently a resident at the Archie Br... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 3/21/10

Traditional Pottery

    Their individual work appears deceptively simple. Yet, with examination, the gestural complexity of Edward Eberle’s work and the utilitarian communal aspect of Peter Beaskecker’s draws the viewer to study more. Both artists employ traditional pottery forms and techniques, but draw different conclusions to the same question. How can one deal with space? Eberle’s forms are thrown and painted with black terra sigillata. Often he illustrates complex figures and detailed scenes, wrapping around the vessel. Beaskecker meticulously throws individual simple cylinders and containers, but combined... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 12/27/09

Clay Oddities and Curiosities

by E-Slant Team
This show will introduce four emerging artists to the Santa Fe audience: Lindsay Feuer, Kate MacDowell, Andy Rogers, and Kathleen Royster Lamb. Nature, through human, botanical, and animal forms is the common thread of these artists’ sculptures, with a focus on issues of growth, decay and metamorphosis. Using richly varied and hybridized fruit, flower, animal, and human forms, the work presented comments on man's relationship to his environment. Each of these young artists works in an intimate scale, with attention to intricate detail and surface. Andy Rogers, Seed Pod with Green Seeds ... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 6/14/09