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Folk-art Jewelry

For hundreds of years craftspeople at Santo Domingo Pueblo (now known by its traditional name, Kewa) were known for exquisite shell, turquoise, and jet jewelry that they made and traded throughout the Southwest. But by the 1920s these traditional materials were scarce. Motivated by circumstance, jewelers at Santo Domingo discovered an exciting new medium: abandoned automobile battery casings. Manufactured from hard rubber, discarded car batteries made an admirable substitute for traditional... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 12/25/11

Thirtieth Year - Stephen Wood

    When asked to create a show for the Wheelwright, Cherokee artist Stephen Wood knew what he would title it. "I just turned 30 at the end of January. This was a source of a small amount of strife for me. I actually ran away on a two-week roadtrip with some friends to try and avoid it. It still found me. It has caused me to take stock of myself and my art and just exactly where they belong in relationship to each other. Now that I'm settling into the idea of being thirty, it is... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 4/18/10

Santa Fe Indian School

by E-Slant Team
Opening on May 17, 2009, the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian presents Through Their Eyes: Paintings from the Santa Fe Indian School. This exhibition focuses on paintings from the Charlotte G. Mittler collection created by students who attended the Santa Fe Indian School between 1919 and 1945. Featured artists include Fred Kabotie, Velino Shjie Herrera, Allan Houser, Andrew Tsinjinnie, Pablita Velarde, and Sybil Yazzie. The Santa Fe Indian School has long been considered the... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 8/7/09