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Fenix Gallery
208-A Ranchitos Road
Taos, 87571
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(505) 758-9120
modern, contemporary

Housed in an historic (circa 1790) adobe, the Trujillo residence and livery, the Fenix Gallery represents contemporary Taos artists with national and international acclaim. Despite the pressures of commercialized art markets, these artists work to present some of the most advanced aesthetics in the world today.

Founded in 1989 by Judith Kendall, the Fenix Gallery strives to present the best in contemporary modern Taos artists following in the tradition of Galeria Escondida which inhabited the same space from 1947 to 1963. Galeria Escondida was the first gallery in Taos to exhibit the Moderns. Eulalia Emertez promoted work by the Taos Moderns: Andrew Dasburg, Howard Cook, John Ward Lockwood, and Cady Wells amongst others. Later Louis Ribak, Bea Mandelman and Earl Stroh were part of her stable. Mandelman, Ribak and Stroh along with Lee Mullican are still represented at the Fenix.

The Fenix is the old English spelling for the Phoenix, the mythical bird who consumed her/himself in fire, from which a new, young phoenix arises. The bird was also said to regenerate when hurt or wounded thus symbolizing regeneration and immortality. DH Lawrence used the symbol of the Phoenix in his writing and carved and drew images of the Phoenix in his Taos homes. The image adorns his grave at the Lawrence Ranch above San Cristobal, New Mexico. The Fenix is a fitting symbol for the Fenix Gallery. It represents art which heralds change while maintaining its strong roots in archetypical imagery.

Celebrating culture, preserving our past, and nurturing the soul, it is my privilege to present this fine art.