The William & Joseph Gallery

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"Fat Happy", 2010 Steel 6 Feet
#40909", 2010 Mixed Media 49x60 © 2010
wall totems, 2010 Aluminum, Glass 44 Inches © 2010
arc, 2009 Pate Du Verre, Glass 15"
Fire&Ice, 2009 Glass, Steel 18 Inches
blossom incantation, 2009 Encaustic 50x20 Inches
crescent, 2010 Oil On Canvas 20x30 Inches © 2010
field of buttons, 2008 Oil On Canvas © 2010
i shot myself in the foot, 2008 Mixed Media 22 Inches Tall
perplexity of spirit, 2009 Water Color On Panel 30x30
come back, 2010 Oil And Resin On Board 5x6'
canopic jars, 2010 Blown Glass
moonstones, 2010 Mixed Media
to be blue, 2010 Acrylic On Panel 36x36
The William & Joseph Gallery
727 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501
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Mon-Tue 10- 5; Wed 11-5; Thu-Sat 10-6; Sun 11-5; also available for appointment viewing
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I read once that the definition of 'great art' was art that you didn't forget. When I opened The William & Joseph Gallery (named after my brothers and grandfather) in June 2001 in New Orleans my goal was to create a gallery of living artists that did just that - showcased art work that people would love and remember. One artist I know made a simple, yet profound statement recently, when, as we looked at work from potential artists asked "Why would you paint that?" and I thought to myself "What a great question." And it made me believe, more than ever, that I want to show more than just pretty pictures. On my walls you will find beautifully constructed encaustic works, layer upon layer of wax in glorious colors, and paintings of lambs, bees and icebergs that tell the story of our delicate environment and it's creatures.  Another artist creates poetic vessels, incorporating india ink onto the surface with paintings of flowers and men in suits - a quirky homage to the working man.  And we also show our silly side (my five year old daughter Lily being the the biggest fan!)...DeBusk and his family of "Fat Happies" and whimsical wall sculptures - an unusual medium to define in artspeak, but loved by all who come in the gallery.  It's an eclectic collection - all original work, all inspired, provoking and precious.  I am proud to show every one of these artists, whose lives are defined by what they create and mine enriched by what I see.

So enjoy your visit to my website, or to my gallery space on Canyon Road, and know that you will see something special here.