POP Gallery On LoVe (2009)

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Smitten Mixed Media Original On Canvas 8 X 24 In © Courtesy of the Artist and Pop Gallery
Tell Me You Love Me © Courtesy of the Artist and Pop Gallery
POP Gallery On LoVe (2009)

125 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 111
Santa Fe, NM 87501
November 18th, 2009 - January 1st, 2010

(505) 820 0788
Mon thru Sat-10-6:00 & Sunday 12-5
mixed-media, photography


POP Gallery On LoVe (2009)
November 18 - January 1, 2009
Opening reception: Thursday, December 31, 6:00

CLOSING Reception Dec 31st 6:00pm

Love is any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection and attachment. The word love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure ("I loved that meal") to intense interpersonal attraction ("I love my boyfriend"). This diversity of uses and meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involved, makes love unusually difficult to consistently define, even compared to other emotional states. Love in death, love in life, scorned lover, lover's revenge, love until death do us part, love and then you die--all phrases/comments on love and the immense role it plays in life, dealings, thoughts, after thoughts, actions, evolution and demise.

As an abstract concept, love usually refers to a deep, ineffable feeling of tenderly caring for another person. Even this limited conception of love, however, encompasses a wealth of different feelings, from the passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love to the nonsexual emotional closeness of familial and platonic love to the profound oneness or devotion of religious love. Love in its various forms acts as a major facilitator of interpersonal relationships and, owing to its central psychological importance, is one of the most common themes in the creative arts.

Curated by POP Gallery with invitations outgoing to local and international artists asked to present works with a comment on LoVe. Closing reception Dec 31st as we toast goodbye old perceptions of LoVe and welcome in new.

In 2009 SF Public schools reported over 800 children in Santa Fe alone are homeless and over 2000 are challenged daily with food insecurity. Two ways to help this winter--
POP Gallery will be offerring raffle tickets ($5 each or $20 for 7)...Grand prize: "Smitten" by Valery Milovic, second & third prizes to be announced. 100% of the proceeds to benefit homeless children of Santa Fe.

We will be accepting non-perishable food donations at the gallery for delivery to Bienvenidos--Food Need:beans, rice, baby food/formula, pasta, cereal, canned tuna and holiday non-perishables. You will recieve raffle tickets in exchange for your donation. We thank you in advance for you generosity---there is always a need---there is always hope---let's pay it forward together.

Featuring Valery Milovic, X1X2, CJ Metzger, Miss Mindy, Julia Martin, Josef Jasso, Stephanie Roberts and J & K Keifer among others.