The Success of Failure in a Space of Crisis

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A Prayer for Prudence, 2009 Oil On Panel 20 By 20 Inches © Courtesy of the Artist and Klaudia Marr Gallery
A Reasonable Request, 2008 Oil On Panel 20 X 18.75 Inches © Klaudia Marr Gallery
Big Man in a Little Painting, 2009 Oil On Panel 6 X 3.75 Inches © Klaudia Marr Gallery
The Success of Failure in a Space of Crisis

229 Johnson Street, Suite C
Santa Fe, NM 87501
August 21st, 2009 - September 12th, 2009
Opening: August 21st, 2009 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

(505) 988-2100
Tue – Sat from 12 – 6 and by appointment


Cully’s approach to painting derives from a great appreciation for the sensuous nature of the medium and an understanding of the communicative possibilities inherent in its many manifestations.

As a representational painter he aims to manifest an underlying content that resonates with his audience. He considers his work to be spaces of crisis. Through the use of a wide range of technical and formal approaches, along with a variety of subject matter, Cully’s work evokes the tension created by the realization of unmet expectations and the potential for personal restitution.

This body of work operates as a rehearsal for and re-visitation of (his) success at failure as he looks both backwards and forwards at his life through the lens of middle age. Each painting, through both image and form, strives to realize a kind of telos which will bring about an absolute resolution between the disparate formal elements and the individual egos of the protagonists—each having their own intentions, needs and desires. These paintings push the limits of their medium by combining virtuoso naturalism with unexpected passages of paint, spatial fracturing as well as the distortion of form.

These works employ paint as an integral tool of expression while simultaneously operating as a device for the portrayal of meaningful images. They reflect the influence of a Surrealist sentiment and the advancements achieved in Postmodernism along with surveying non-western art for source material that can help expand the lexicon of Cully’s own pictorial solutions.