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Talus, 2009 Granite & Optical Grade Acrylic 16 X 14 X 12 Inches, 32 Lbs Each © The Artist

1611 Paseo de Peralta
87501 Santa Fe

May 15th, 2009 - June 14th, 2009
Opening: May 15th, 2009 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Closed since October 2016
mixed-media, installation, landscape, modern, sculpture


James Kelly Contemporary is pleased to announce the debut exhibition of Qnuru designed by Tom Joyce. This will be the gallery’s first show focused primarily on design, featuring a revolutionary line of solar powered landscape lighting fixtures that efficiently capture the sun’s energy within expressive forms that are produced with full lifecycle sustainability in mind. Qnuru is aimed at addressing the increasing need and desire of individuals to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and their carbon footprint.

Housed in elegant, sculptural forms, Qnuru’s products combine efficient LED technology, advanced solar engineering and integrated control systems to create an unparalleled lighting experience. Each lighting fixture is designed to illuminate architectural features, walkways and plantings. Multiple digital microcontrollers provide intelligent power management and a full complement of features that can be custom selected.

Qnuru products are engineered for strength and climate variability by using durable, quality materials and manufacturing methods and choices that include recyclable and renewable materials. Using Joyce’s acclaimed ironwork expertise, structural elements derive their integrity from forged, cast or fabricated iron, cast or sheet aluminum, and carved stone. Translucent lenses that protect and conceal the photovoltaic array, the LED’s, and the reflective luminaries are fashioned from recycled cast, slumped or machined glass, high-impact (hail-proof) optical grade acrylic or natural mica sheet. The name Qnuru, evolved from nuru, the Swahili word for light, and “Q,” a notation scientists use for light’s radiant energy.

“To problem solve as an artist and a maker is for me, a daily responsibility. To imagine what is possible and then to bring together the most appropriate materials, processes and technology into useful yet uncommon lighting forms is at the heart of Qnuru’s mission. Worldwide, very few advancements have been made within the marketplace for high functioning, handsome solar lighting. Our self-contained solar powered lighting is created to positively address the need for more functionally elegant solutions for landscaped and architectural environments. Qnuru seeks to change the way solar lighting is implemented in our daily lives.” - Tom Joyce

Tom Joyce will be in attendance for the exhibition opening on Friday, May 15, 2009.