Abstract Rhythms

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"SPIRAL MOON, ORANGE SUN" Ceramic Sculpture 22" X 19" X 5" © Courtesy of the artist and JANE SAUER GALLERY
"DANCERS" Ceramic Sculpture 19" X 19" X 5" © Courtesy of the artist and JANE SAUER GALLERY
"FANTASY FOLIAGE" Ceramic Sculpture 22" X 22" X 6" © Courtesy of the artist and JANE SAUER GALLERY
Abstract Rhythms

652 Canyon Road
87501 Santa Fe
New Mexico

August 9th, 2013 - September 16th, 2013
Opening: August 9th, 2013 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Daily 10 - 6 (Summer Friday 10-7)


Jane Sauer Gallery is proud to exhibit the work of Sheryl Zacharia, a ceramic sculptor from New York City. The title of her show is “Abstract Rhythms.”

“l was immediately drawn to clay,” Zacharia says. “I loved the tactile nature of it, the versatility and the endless possibilities in form, surface, and color. Working in clay is a visceral experience. It takes me out of my head. When I’m working, I listen to music. Between that and creating with my hands, I can feel my sense of self. This is what still keeps my interest.” From the time the wet formless lump of clay fills her hands, she starts shaping forms that bend, emerge, and fold into one another. Zacharia begins the rhythmic experience of creating a piece of sculpture that projects visual melody.

“The form is always first. I do a lot of sketching, nothing very developed, but shapes. Sometimes there is a clear idea. Other times, just organic abstract forms that appeal to some aesthetic sense that I have.” The titles usually come last. Zacharia determines the painting after studying the form. “For me it’s like titling a song. You have to write the song first before you know what to call it. The form always influences the painting, and then together they make a name.” Zacharia seems to gently move from inspiration to inspiration, each carrying her unique personal style. Her work is very individualistic and stands out as a two dimensional painting as easily as it does a three dimensional sculptural form.

Zacharia sums up her love of working with clay: “I think now in my later years, clay has brought a focus and peacefulness to my life. It is the earth and there is just something so primal and natural about working with it. I am inspired by nature, by all things living. I hope the joy I get from the process of making brings beauty and joy to others. Something unexplainable inspires me. I am not able to sufficiently understand it to put it into words. I think it’s just a need and compulsion to express my emotional spirit.”