Questioning Femininity

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"VIOLET BRASSIERE" Kiln Formed Glass, Mixed Media 12" X 14" X 8" © Courtesy of the artist and JANE SAUER GALLERY
Questioning Femininity

652 Canyon Road
87501 Santa Fe
New Mexico

February 22nd, 2013 - March 15th, 2013
Opening: February 22nd, 2013 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Daily 10 - 6 (Summer Friday 10-7)


Jane Sauer Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition, “QUESTIONING FEMININITY,  of the work of Susan Taylor Glasgow, a nationally known glass artist from Missouri.  The exhibition will open on Friday, February 22, 2013, 5-8 pm in conjunction with ARTfeast Santa Fe, a weekend of fine ART, food, wine, fashion and homes benefiting art programs for Santa Fe’s youth. Jane Sauer Gallery will partner with La Plazuela at LaFonda on the Plaza for the Edible Art Tour on opening night.

La Plazuela, known for fresh and local foods exotically prepared, will be a rich accompaniment for Glasgow’s high fashion in glass. Glasgow started her creative career as an independent clothing designer and seamstress, before exploring deeper into work with slumped glass and inventing her line of “haute coulture.” Most of Glasgow’s artworks are created in the same manner one would construct a garment, piece by piece sewn together to make a whole.  She borrows from her skills as a seamstress stitching together her slumped glass pieces with fiber ribbons to complete her sculptures.


Artist Statement
My Mother was a complicated woman.

Raising we girls by the Book of Conflicting Messages, my Mother lovingly shaped me into an ask questions later act like a lady you can do anything but learn to type first boys only want one thing but don’t say what it is do it right or don’t do it at all fall in love but have something to fall back on artist.  Oh, and learn to cook and sew.  Men like that.
To complicate this seasoned advice, my Mother was a bit of a flirt.

In response, or perhaps as a result of, I embrace domesticity in feminine spirit but not in action.  I am prudishly modest, but a bit of a flirt.  And of course, feel guilty about not being a good wife.  My life is the culmination of feminine expectations gone awry.  Misguided domestic talents eventually grew into concepts of sewing an unyielding medium, baking inedible creations, and stitching lingerie impossible to wear.

As an artist, I have the luxury of exploring the complexities of domestic life from the safe distance of my studio.  I pursue beauty and sensuality in my work to give the viewer a reason to examine it more closely, and find their own personal connection.

For years I believed my work was about myself.  But ultimately my work is about my Mother.  With her messages firmly imbedded, I’m able to indulge my own notions of domestic role-playing.  My work embraces the feminine ideals of sensuality, in a seductive but unforgiving material, offering conflicting messages of comfort and expectation.