It’s About Time trace s art in the American Southwest from the earliest Clovis culture to the pre sent. The exhibition and related publication include Native American\, Hisp anic and European American art. It’s About Time emphasizes the prime object s of artistic change as part of the centennial celebration of New Mexico st atehood.


The exhibition begins with t he changing nature of New Mexico art and includes Paleo Indian\, Ancestral Pueblo\, and Native and Hispanic art during the Spanish Colonial period. Th e chronology continues with art from the American colonial\, early statehoo d\, and post-World War II periods. The contemporary works in the final sect ion look to the past but envision the future.

Viewers will not e the interactions and artistic fusions that have occurred across ethnic di vides over vast periods of time.


Well -known artists in the exhibition include T.C. Cannon\, Judy Chicago\, E. Ir ving Couse\, Robert Henri\, Marsden Hartey\, Luis Jimenez\, Raymond Jonson\ , Agnes Martin\, Maria and Julian Martinez\, Bruce Nauman\, Georgia O’Keeff e\, Patrick Oliphant\, Agnes Pelton\, Florence Miller Pierce\, Diego Romero \, and Luis Tapia.


A 300 page publica tion\, with the same title\, includes 240 full color reproductions will be published in Spring\, 2012.

LOCATION:New Mexico Museum of Art\,107 West Palace Avenue \nSanta Fe\, NM SUMMARY:It's About Time: 14\,000 Years of Art in New Mexico \, T.C. Cannon\ , Judy Chicago\, E. Irving Couse\, Marsden Hartey\, Robert Henri\, Luis Jim enez\, Raymond Jonson\, Agnes Martin\, Maria and Julian Martinez\, Bruce Na uman\, Patrick Oliphant\, Georgia O’Keeffe\, Agnes Pelton\, Florence Miller Pierce\, Diego Romero\, Luis Tapia END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR