Esoteric II

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Esoteric II

August 2013
acrylic on canvas
30 x 30- x 1.5 inches
© copyright wash creative 2013

Price: $3950.00

My process probes linkages to primitive cultures, symbology and “spiritual magic” striving to discover the power of primal graphic cues and truth. This path tends to contradict societal mass consumption, media overload and technology obsession. My work explores “tribalism” and a love for primitive honesty, the patinated walls of fading paint, the brilliant colors of Mexico and muted earth tones of rural Spain, the utter simplicity of Africa and the convoluted complexity of the Middle East. I want my art to reawaken the primal connectivity that offers commonality to us all and to open other’s thoughts to the foundational origins that all art springs from. I believe in a beauty that reflects pure, unadulterated, vision, untarnished by consumerism, superficial academic art criticism –– this can open up new thoughts and perceptions about what we are, where we are going and what we want our societies to be. If my art stands apart, it is from whatever honesty, spontaneity, free expression is realized in my work. Painting/Sculpture for me is not a consciously developed process manufactured to be a “sensation, a scandal, a polemic, a mass audience event.” I can only paint as I feel, paint what I like, what I love, what brings joy and pleasure to me.

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Esoteric II
August 2013
acrylic on canvas
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Original Dimensions:
30 x 30- x 1.5 inches
copyright wash creative 2013
nude, female, expressing passion