Expressions Gallery

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Rainbow Hair, 2008 Watercolor On Canvasboard 14 In Wide, X 11 In High © Expressions Gallery
And the Band Played On, 2010 Freehand Digital Print 15" X 12" © all rights reserved
© Expressions Gallery
Bar Fly IV, 2010 Watercolor On Canvasboard 11 In W X 14 In H © yes
Expressions Gallery
2035 Ashby Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94703
Venue Type: Gallery
February 11th - May 12th
Heart & Soul
Lahcen Abalil, Miriam Abramowitsch, Manjot Bal, Donna Barati, Georgia Bassen, Jude Berman, Nancy Berry, Lisa Blevens, Yvonne Brady, Lois Canter, Aaron Carter, Attila Czyglenyi, Jaren Dahlstrom, Carol Denney, Anna Hui Dong, Marge Essel, Debbie Fimrite, Rinna B. Flohr, Verona Fonte, Sue Mary Fox, Olga Frame, Frances Blackburn Freyburg, Erika Gagnon, Gwendolyn Gardner, Rohilah Guy, Stan Huncilman, Diane Jacobson, Ann Jaserson, Minal Jeswani, Kathleen Joynes, Richard Kane, Jennifer Kapnek, Carol Lambert, Silvia Ledezma, Lucy Lewis, Adrian Litman, Roberta Loach, Charles Lucke, Jennifer Wallace Mack, Fabian Marquez, Noel Marsh, Emmett McCuiston, David Mintim, jasmine mirzamani, Joanie Mitchell, Maj-Britt Mobrand, Julia Montrond, Rose Moore, Narcisse, Malcolm Nicoll, Marie Njoku-Obi, Barbara Oplinger, Vicki Pierpont, Wintrop Prince, Karen Redgreene, Sandra Martinez Regan, Ernest & Lois Rich, Charlene Richter, Diego Marcial Rios, Selma Rockett, Judith Rohrer, Nathalie Roland, Genevieve Saldanha, T. Scott Sayre, Rita Sklar, Ari Steckels, Arlene Risi Streich, Matthew Felix Sun, Darril Ann Tighe, John To, Nga Trinh, LaWanda Ultan, Aradhana Verma, Grant Whipple, Anita Yan Wong, Benjamin Xu, Lisa Yount, Lori Zeller
May 20th - August 10th
Flowers and Gardens
Mary Anne Gerhardt
Rinna Flohr
Open hours
Wednesday thru Saturday, 12-5 pm. and Sunday Noon-3pm & by app't.
(510) 644-4930
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The gallery offers fine art from established local and international artists but also is a place that supports and encourages artistic talent development. Some newcomers to the arts will always have a chance to display some of their work.

New forms of art will also be featured and hopefully trigger discussion about the arts as we know it and the arts future direction. One such artist, Paul Higham, who was included in the first show, And All That Jazz, comes to California from New Orleans He relocated here temporarily at the Headlands Art Center, on a scholarship supported by the Artists Alliance and funded by the Irvine Foundation that enables a small group of artists selected out of a much larger group, who were wiped out in hurricane Katrina, to continue their work. He does what he calls translation modeling, a method he developed for creating sculpture and wall art from the GPS waves, or the Dow Jones, or any immediate on-going data flow that can be followed on a computer. This data is converted into sculpture or images on paper or moving images on a screen that are virtually alive. Paul’s view is that conceptual art captured by the still camera invented in the 1880’s is dead and this literally, is the wave of the future. Paul teaches about the history of art and it’s future as a university professor. Trained at one of the finest schools in the world, the Goldsmith’s, in London, Paul offers us a glimpse into the future, as he gives us a picture of our world outside of our vision in which we live everyday. He makes the invisible, visible and interprets it into art.