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Nature and Culture: 'Pamina Traylor: Reflections'

by laurie halsey brown
  Pamina Taylor's exhibition at Sculpturesite Gallery, uses the medium of glass to respond to an experience of living temporarily in Japan. Her reflections intertwine nature and culture very deftly--the organic forms of her sculptures subsisting of glass with a decided naturalness,  put through a cultural process. Her works reflect both the inherent qualities of the medium, as well as an inherent focus of Japanese culture: nature.   "I was impressed by the integral role that nature and... [more]
Posted by laurie halsey brown on 8/27/08

RECLAIMING MATERIALS @ Sculpturesite Gallery

by DeWitt Cheng
Green is these days, so artwork made from recycled materials has a certain timely cachet (although folk and traditional artists have always made do with what was at hand). This show features four Bay Area sculptors who use castoff or humble materials in original ways, challenging our assumptions about traditional “noble” art materials like marble and bronze, and debunking the notion that ideas necessarily precede process, since these works grow out of whatever turns up. Joan Robey... [more]
Posted by DeWitt Cheng on 5/18/08