D-Structure SF

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D-Structure SF
520 Haight St.
(between Fillmore St & Steiner St.)
San Francisco, CA 94117
Venue Type: Alternative Space
(415) 252 - 8601

DSSF’s mission is to bring together like minded individuals and through their collective strengths, passions, and efforts, create more than just a clothing line, but a community and culture that thrives on art, music and fashion. DSSF’s flagship store is an art gallery, mens and womens boutique, print shop, design house and event space.

Our mission is simple: to offer a platform for independent designers and artists while providing uniquely curated products to our customers. We continue to involve ourselves in a culture that is passionate about art, fashion, and music. We are a group of like-minded individuals that strive to grow through art and culture, while using fashion as our medium. Fashion is what we consider to be the most common form of art that displays culture, and is influenced not only by itself, but also by those who wear it. When you purchase a D-Structure curated product or design, you’re not just buying into an image or a scene; you are the curator, you are the taste maker and cultural influence, and we are simply your medium for expression. Our purpose and mission is to continue to grow through art and culture and provide a medium that is ever-changing.