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"Further West" at Limn Gallery

by Dormain Geyer
(Author's note: This is an excerpt from a slightly longer post on my blog, Arteaser) In the second gallery featured "Further West", by Randall Stoltzfus:When viewed from afar, haunting landscapes emerge from densely layered circles:The show will be up through May 30:Check the Arteaser calendar for upcoming shows and events featuring artists interviewed by Arteaser. [more]
Posted by Dormain Geyer on 4/21/09

The Sublime and The Struggling Artist

  The Sublime and the Struggling Artist Randall Stoltzfus @ LIMN Gallery, San Francisco, Spring 2009         Art objects reflect society.  They are time capsules, spacial beings, they are what they are:handmade relics celebrating  existence according to a cult heroic tradition, a set of rules and directions according to the history of great works made before it.  Exhibitions celebrate the joy in each new work's break from the rules and repetition of the past and the discovery of new directions, wherein lies each object's originality and source of power.  They are ideals in the form of goal... [more]
Posted by Brian Kauppi on 5/16/09

"Drawn Out" at Limn Gallery

by Dormain Geyer
(Author's note: This is an excerpt from a slightly longer post on my blog, Arteaser)   I made my first visit to Limn Gallery, which is tucked away behind the Limn furniture store on Townsend. One of the two galleries was featuring local artist, Rik Ritchey (below left with a friend and collector), who had a series of mixed-media paintings on polyurethane foam: I enjoyed how the applied acrylic and ink created stunning organic shapes: A closer look revealed embedded items, such as candles, and stitching.   [more]
Posted by Dormain Geyer on 4/21/09


by DeWitt Cheng
For the three generations since World War II during which America prospered, through sometimes less-than-noble methods, art was proscribed by influential critics from not only commenting on politics, as it had during the Depression, but even from representing the visible world. We’re now seeing a resurgence of political artwork, the disconnect between rhetoric and reality having become too obvious to ignore. The new activism is like a resurgence of the 1930s Social Realist movement, but informed by conceptualism and new media rather than the Expressionism, Surrealism and naïve Marxism of... [more]
Posted by DeWitt Cheng on 8/3/08

Ted Vasin @ Limn Art Gallery

by Andy Ritchie
Limn, from the furniture store fronting Townsend to the galleries in the rear, exudes an intimidating virtuosic wonder. I felt a bit blunt when I entered, like playing Operation at a kegger. Fearing I’d disturb the sleekness and polish oozing everywhere, I caught myself lowering my voice, even breathing softly to preserve the entropy-defying state of fineness witnessed. Bring your diazepam. The artist Ted Vasin commandeered one of the two gallery wings, and to his credit broke the silence, literally. To alter the effect of his dozen-or-so paintings, which can be as amorphous as the brushwork, Vasin perform... [more]
Posted by Andy Ritchie on 6/8/08