Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight: San Francisco

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Factory Girls

by Jolene Torr
          examines the theme of ubiquitous fantasy and fable: a belief in magic, witchcraft, spells and charms, in incantations and the transformations they yield. And, perhaps unintentionally, looks at how pop-surrealism disseminates the archetypes that essentially must follow this theme. There is a comfort in relying on this mythic iconography, both on the spectator's side as well as the artist's. Fairly literal, this type of imagery engages the viewer in an experience that can be... [more]
Posted by Jolene Torr on 3/16/09

Tiny Treasures: New Paintings by Nathan Stapley at Gallery 1988

by Dormain Geyer
  Arteaser) My last stop was Gallery1988, for "Faces and Spaces" featuring Nathan Stapley (below): In his first solo show, Stapley has over 80 small paintings on display through January: Almost entirely watercolor or gouache on paper, Stapley's paintings are largely playful and lighthearted: Loosely organized into sub-collections, like musicians, movie characters, or urban features, the portraits are of widely familiar subjects:   [more]
Posted by Dormain Geyer on 1/24/09