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Long Live Cinephelia

by Kara Q. Smith
Upon entering Romer Young Gallery, it's quiet and cool, the way you want a gallery to be on the hottest day in San Francisco. About six minutes later, you hear baboon-like noises and jungle-nature sounds coming from the corner of the gallery and it is a relief because the absence of sound was already starting to get to the city girl inside of me. The first tangible association I felt when glancing around Deric Carner’s exhibition, The Light that Failed, was: Hollywood. The pulp cinema kind of... [more]
Posted by Kara Q. Smith on 6/26/12

Rattke's Kaleidopsychescopedelic Collages

by Andy Ritchie
  Going into Ping Pong Gallery on a full stomach, and leaving with a full head too, I must've looked like Mr. Peanut walking around Potrero Hill last week. Gwenael Rattke's superfine collage cutlets did me in. Partially served as a kaleidopsychescopedelic ode to San Francisco, Rattke's work presents SF as a lightbulb. An engine.Like I said, that's part of the story. I can't attribute the cascades of web-patterned contact paper, reflective mylar, anonymous comic clips, William Blake... [more]
Posted by Andy Ritchie on 4/27/10

Ominous City

by Christina Richards
    Paper-based collages made out of visual material collected from books and magazines by German artist Gwenael Rattke are now on view at the Ping Pong Gallery. Rattke comes out of the punk scene in Berlin where he used his artistic talents to create fanzines and flyers, a  background that clearly informs his latest installment of collages. Borrowing from visual precepts of the 1960s and 1970s, he creates an imaginary, explosive world of chaos, revolt and free sexuality.     The... [more]
Posted by Christina Richards on 9/28/08