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Pop Art Revisited

by Jolene Torr
        Twiggy's complacent doe-eyed stare is an obvious subject for a pop-art themed show. The iconic aloofness of the model set against bold red and white geometric abstractions feels all too familiar. I've seen this. Like on a t-shirt somewhere. Or a purse in Chinatown. I feel had. The work, done by Jenny Wehrt, is pop-art verbatim, in color scheme, in spatial compression, in subject matter: iconic mod superstars from Britain. Brit-pop-art. With the exception of Winston Churchill throwing up the bird and Queen V with her nose in the air, the pop-art stereotypes Wehrt chooses is an act in... [more]
Posted by Jolene Torr on 1/18/09


by laurie halsey brown
“Fluid” reveals multi-varied connotations of the concept of fluidity via five artists, each with a distinct approach. Femina Potens Gallery has a 7 year history as a non-profit art gallery and performance space dedicated to the advancement of women and transgendered artists. Located in the Castro, it has produced over 300 art and cultural events for the LGBTQ, women, trans, queer and kink communities. Based on their background, you may expect that a visual art exhibition titled “Fluid” to have some association with bodily fluids vis-à-vis sexual experience. But parallel to the... [more]
Posted by laurie halsey brown on 2/10/08