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by Julia E. Hamilton
Conceived (by invitation) by Mark Dion and implemented as a collaboration between Dion and the staff of the Oakland Museum of California, The Marvelous Museum stages an interdisciplinary intervention into the Oakland Museum's permanent art, history, and natural sciences collection on both a conceptual and physical level. It’s easy to be skeptical of a museum-sanctioned critique, this one designed specifically to coincide with a large scale effort at re-invention and transformation. However, while more often than not, initiatives such as this one tend to result in an unfortunate recu... [more]
Posted by Julia E. Hamilton on 9/20/10

And Now For Something Completely Different

by Andy Ritchie
  Cue the Monty Python reel. The constant recurrence of uprooting and upheaval hit me soon after the first interval of total engrossment, quickly riven as I hit the wall placard introducing the next artist. The show is chaptered in such a way as you meander. The LA Paint show, spanning ten such chapters, featuring 60 works, is as admirably deep as it is wide, often featuring five or six large paintings. Located in the OMCA's airy Great Hall, medium-to-high density pieces tax viewers heavily and reward equally for their mental calisthenics. Make no mistake: This is a large buckshot survey of what makes L... [more]
Posted by Andy Ritchie on 10/24/08