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Watchlist Artist: Sandra Ono

On and around the platform above Southern Exposure’s entranceway, Sandra Ono’s new site-responsive piece, titled , appears both translucently crystalline and oddly synthetic—by turns attractive and repellent. Ono, in residence at Southern Exposure during the months of April and May 2013, uses everyday materials to investigate ideas of memory and body. An engram is posited by some scientists to be a change in the structure of the brain’s neural tissue—a process that forms a physiologic memory... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 8/28/13

Step Right Up!

by The Editors
The sounds of any city are the sounds of its heartbeat, the rhythm of what makes it alive. The sounds come in and out, we hear them and we ignore them. We often make a few ourselves. In Mexico City, the sweet potato vendors always make the same distinctive sound; if you grew up there it's so much a part of everyday life that you no longer hear it. The artist Allison Smith has invited a coterie of people to call out for their practices and crafts, poetics and salesmanship, to become, however... [more]
Posted by The Editors on 5/31/11

The Corporeal Qualities of the Yarn

by Kara Q. Smith
Because a faded Polaroid photograph of a Western American mountainous desert skyline could epitomize my distant memories and dreams…because I like Derrida, because of my grandmother’s tea…these might be the reasons I have always enjoyed the experience of Ginger Wolfe-Suarez’s work. “Both Are True” is a constructed landscape of memory and experience where viewers must step around rocks or walk under a structure, forcing a sort of indirect interaction with the works in the space. In the case of... [more]
Posted by Kara Q. Smith on 1/18/11