Cricket Engine

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© Cricket Engine
Painting And Sculpture Vary © John Colle' Rogers
Cricket Engine
499 Embarcadero Ave
Post 2, Box 7
Oakland , CA 94606
Venue Type: Gallery
Open hours
by apt only.

Cricket Engine Gallery was inspired by the words above, and by the space itself.  We've had many viewing experiences in the fine arts, from big name gallery openings, fighting upstream through blockbuster museum shows, to seeking out obscure community centers, and one-day experimental happenings.  It seemed that a middle ground was lacking, especially in the East Bay art scene.

We wanted longer, better shows for less money, and less hassle.

Fortunately, we have the room.

Cricket Engine Gallery offers high ceilings and lots of unbroken wall space.  The Gallery is 19' x 23', with hardwood floors,  gallery track lighting, and two small skylights for plenty of natural light.  The Gallery is located in the 5th avenue marina, two minutes from Jack London Square, in an established and diverse arts community.

We are looking for work in any media, including installation and performance work.  We focus on accepting artists from the Bay Area community.

In Cricket Engine Gallery artists can work closely with the space on their own terms, and have a good deal of time in which to hang the show, have the show, absorb the experience, and document it properly.  It's a place where artists can come to look at work, talk about it, and also where art enthusiasts would feel welcome to partake in the conversation and learn about the work from the artist.