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A Concrete View

by Kristi Beardshear
  I like an image that urges me to question it, one that makes me step back and squint and cock my head just a little. An initial look at the landscape paintings in Jake Longstreth's show suggests nothing out of the ordinary: clean lines, minimalist aesthetic, subdued palette, restrained execution. And yet, there's something subtly unnatural about them, something out of place. Dealer is a washed-out desert landscape cut across by a freeway overpass and a string of colorful flags; a white... [more]
Posted by Kristi Beardshear on 12/29/08

Crisp Signs and Sketchy Environments

At Gregory Lind Gallery, Karla Wozniak's paintings feature familiar signs and landscapes: --Natalie Stanchfield [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 6/6/08

Op Parts

by Ava Jancar
  With a palette of metallic golds and silvers, subtly layered with the turquoises of biology textbooks and the greens of sea algaes, Barbara Takenaga’s paintings evoke ambiguous otherworldly environs. Although immediately reminiscent of the flat yet psychedelically perspectival effects of Op Art, Takenaga employs an opposing technique in her paintings, currently up at Gregory Lind Gallery at 49 Geary. Instead of using flat shapes to create optical illusions there is a layered depth which... [more]
Posted by Ava Jancar on 3/14/08