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John Yoyogi Fortes @ Jack Fischer

Review taken from John Yoyogi Fortes @ Jack Fischer Posted on 16 November 2010 
Tags: David M. Roth, Jack Fischer Gallery, John Yoyogi Fortes "Runt", 2010, mixed media on canvas, 120" x 84" (diptych)   John Yoyogi Fortes isn’t a street artist but he paints like one – one who’s especially well-versed in American and European Expressionism.  His specialty is the urban fever dream, a realm in which... [more]
Posted by John Yoyogi Fortes on 11/28/10

Moki's World

by Andy Ritchie
    Moki's canvas-wrapped boards don't exactly activate the fourth wall like Ottinger's work, but they inhabit a pervasive, transcendent world that equally eludes easy description. Simply put, these are pictures. Each piece bleeds the edge of the canvas, not like Ottinger's players in space. Roughly 30 smallish paintings, differently sized, are hung at alternating height—why? Are the jazz angles funkay? Or just layzay? After the previous show...well, it's lazy. Let's move on. A verdant,... [more]
Posted by Andy Ritchie on 8/24/09

Gone Bonkers

by E-Slant Team
Sensory overload......voice overs where the very spirit of life becomes banal and obvious......advertising gone if the old road Burma Shave adverts were now so ubiquitous that they are like howlings .....they are everywhere ...from the polo shirt he is wearing to the 501 Levis strolling down the mall corridors .....these moments are hard to avoid......those ads are filled with homilies and lies. Fosbergs seemingly ascerbic point of view actually leads me to believe in... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 6/30/09

Patchwork Memory

by Kristi Beardshear
          John Hundt's “Totems,” a series of collages that feature found materials like hand-written notes torn from the pages of a notebook or a few bars of music sketched on a faded sheet of parchment, create curious narratives at once disturbing and darkly comical. As I moved from collage to collage, the bizarre imagery began to evoke a kind of “I've seen this before but I have no idea where” sensation, a vague and nagging feeling of familiarity that seemed to have no logical or... [more]
Posted by Kristi Beardshear on 1/26/09

John Hundt Totems

John Hundt's collages present totemic images made of surreal juxtapositions of mechanical objects and human body parts, hybrids made of the clunky and the svelte, the linear and the fleshy, the elegant and the mundane,  In his small presentations, many on antiqued paper backgrounds, his improbable images stand, squat, or soar with wit, whimsey, and absurdity, occasionally flirting with dark or profound associations. There is the occasional touch of eroticism, set off by the intrusion of a... [more]
Posted by Aficianado on 2/14/09

Fairy Tale Scenes

by Natalie Hegert
Amanda M. Smith, a recent MFA graduate of San Jose State University, presents her debut solo show of ceramic works on view at Jack Fischer Gallery.  These are absolutely exquisite, fairytale-like scenes, featuring a pastel palette, dollhouse vignettes and girly flowers blooming from intricately shaped and layered trees.  Her ceramic paintings are inhabited by hordes of blonde little girls with Victorian dresses, bearing an inescapable similarity to Henry Darger's girls, yet Smith's characters... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 6/15/08