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Selections from the Estates of Thomas Downing and Dennis Leon at Patricia Sweetow Gallery

by Ava Jancar
  In what seems like a little bit of a hodge podged summer show at Patricia Sweetow Gallery a number of works from the estates of Thomas Downing and Dennis Leon are the highlights. In a space on the mezzanine level of 77 Geary Street, the gallery is split into a number of rooms, with two distinct shows on display. In the back most room, with a large wall of windows looking out onto Geary, four canvases by Downing are hung around two plywood and moss sculptures by Leon. Downings paintings,... [more]
Posted by Ava Jancar on 8/15/08

Delicate Fabrics and Fleeting Images

by Natalie Hegert
At Patricia Sweetow Gallery a seamless blending of work by Sarah Wagner and Gale Antokal explore the fragility of our natural world. Especially fascinating are the delicate fabric sculptures by Sarah Wagner: The sculptures are a perfect counterpoint to Gale Antokal's work representing our fleeting environmental stability: --Natalie Stanchfield (*Images, from top to bottom: Sarah Wagner, installation view, photo courtesy of Natalie Stanchfield. Gale Antokal, Place 21, 2008, chalk pastel... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 5/3/08

Evanescence and Fragility

by Natalie Hegert
Until June 14th, as you walk in the door of Patricia Sweetow Gallery you will be greeted by a luminous, ghostly, silk deer, the head of Sarah Wagner's . He is suspended from the ceiling with silk thread, his body given shape by mat board forming a minimal skeleton, but appears to stand proudly upright on his delicately crafted cloven hooves. Further in the project room is the rest of his family--the mother deer, and two fauns, tentatively inhabiting the project room as if it were the... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 5/11/08

Christian Nguyen at Patricia Sweetow

by DeWitt Cheng
In 2000, Christian Nguyen, a resident artist at New York’s World Trade Center, began to study the building itself — “the basements and dull hallways, masses of people moving around, the elevators and cubicles…the carpet diamonds at the hallway crossing, the corporate uniforms, the ID-tags that looked like rosary beads, the quiet rooms where people in shades of gray huddled, the soft chime of phones and the distant murmur of muzak…” When not enjoying the views from the 91st floor, and the... [more]
Posted by DeWitt Cheng on 3/23/08