A heart beat in San Francisco

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No Dice, Sept. 2009 Oil On Canvas 16 * 16 © Carina Lomeli
A heart beat in San Francisco

625 Sutter St.
San Francisco, CA 94102
October 1st, 2009 - October 30th, 2009
Opening: October 1st, 2009 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Union Square/Civic Center
Mon-Fri 10-6; Sat 10-5
Academy of Art University, San Francisco
mixed-media, photography, digital, conceptual, pop, landscape, surrealism, figurative, modern, traditional



Carina is a Xicana artist who moved away from her family in Arizona to become an established fine artist in the bay area. As a artist/journalist she likes to travel the world and express in paintings how humans, nature and ideas affect each other, giving the world a unique perspective on observations and situations that come about daily and historically, as well as social and psychological issues.


In this series, photographs were gathered throughout everyday events that took place in San Francisco. Events such as: critical mass, Lovefest, non-profit events, or just another night out with friends trying to find a place to connect with others. Endless ideas and observations surround the atmosphere as the young and energetic find a way to cope with difficulties of our modern world. My images were discovered through an instance were I felt most connected to the city.

I have found that art and music connects the community to the soul of the universe. As it has connected me to my true calling. Expressing how living in solitude with friendships other than family creates a bond that seems to disappear from one night to another, however, still powerful and enlightening. The experience of living in a vibrant, illusive and at times overwhelming city, has opened my eyes to how soulfully we are all connected to each other. Not just found relationtips but also teachers, politicians and all the many races that now share this 7 by 7 mile stretch of land in California. My mode of transportation, however tiring, allows my senses to feel the city in its ever fickle weather, its steep hills, the wiggle, the open minded people and stories untold like: The bush man at the Fisherman Wraf dying of a heart attack. I can use my body to live, what a courageous concept. In reality this is my own life trying to make a difference in this heating globe. Now more than ever these images strike my memory as things have once again changed. This city promises one thing, evolution. No person remains the same, San francisco stretches, compresses, loves and realeases you. Yet I come back for more. 



The expressive and rhythmic style of painting conveys a passion in which each painting is created. Rough application of paints and pigments underlines the improbability of beauty in reality, (imperfection). 


Carina is proud to be the first Mexican-generation in the US receiving a bachelor’s degree. She plans to attend art school in Spain for a MFA in painting.