In Bloom: The Biennial Show

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Breach, 2005
In Bloom: The Biennial Show
Curated by: jason bryan

one block south of Howard off of 2nd
72 tehama st
San francisco, CA 94105
October 3rd, 2009 - October 24th, 2009
Opening: October 3rd, 2009 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Open 10am-11pm MON, WED. 12pm-5pm FRI, SAT and by appointment (closed tuesdays and thursdays)
fivepoints arthouse
mixed-media, conceptual, pop, modern



Fivepoints Arthouse is very proud to announce its first biennial show, In Bloom. A group show exhibiting the newest work has been assembled from the best artists displayed from the 40 exhibitions since September 2007. Saturday October 3, 2009 from 6-11pm. This event is free and open to the public and is on display through Oct. 25th.

Participating Artists:
Winston Smith
is armed with razor blade and a fiendish wit and has been known to kidnap "innocent" images from the pages of vintage magazines. Then-diabolically glue them into compromising or politically revealing positions in his surreal collage landscapes since the 70's.
Erik Parra
makes collage, drawings and paintings that explore systems of communication and transportation as vehicles of physical and social mobility. By combining established formal pictorialvocabularies, he creates pictures in which the nature of modern mobility is presented as a duplicitous narrative of success and failure.
Ben Johnston
paints abstract, figurative oil paintings that draw from personal narrative. Johnston is concerned with representing a visual, emotional experience based on the notion of rhythmic tension.
Jamie Spinello
creates imaginary systems of transformation, where shapes are allowed to grow and assume new manifestations out oftransparent and opaque materials like plastic, mylar, and paper.
Jessica Laurent
aims to blur the lines between past and present, function and non-function, the masculine and the feminine, while exploring the grey area between these apparent dualities.
Ben Venom
draws on his dirty southern roots to create stunningartwork that draws on politics, racing and heavy metal. The hand stitched flags and banners reference issues of strife and rebellion in response to the Civil War or commonly labeled War of Northern Aggression.
Josh Barone
is looking for anything not made from plastic, despite everything being covered with humidity damped cellophane. He fights for your freedoms and your right to passion as the head of The Company.
Rachel Hornaday
makes choices throughout the art process which reflect her observations of the world. Playing in the woods as a child, a sensitivity to color, patterns and variation in nature developed. Her artis a way to recover memory, decoding patterns and colors to explorevariation with in the artist and in nature.
Luke Butler
toys with contemporary mythology and suspects that ubiquitous, overpowering figures like the Presidents of the United States must also be little human men, petty and fragile characters whose preoccupations could look a lot like his, and maybe even yours.

Fivepoints Arthouse is an artist-run alternative space in San Francisco. Fivepoints seeks to challenge traditional notions of what the creative space can be. By exhibiting, significant, engaging and challenging works of art as well as conceptualizing and creating forward thinking design solutions, Fivepoints operates as a unique resource for creative impulses.

Fivepoints Arthouse claims an active role in shaping the future of the Transbay District and SOMA as well as all of San Francisco by promoting visibility, accessibility and by offering a true alternative model for interactions between the community and the creator.

For more information and samples of works in the exhibition contact:

Jason Bryan