Show Me Your Fantasy

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big fish little fish Pyrography On Oil And Wood 20”X24” © Nicoz Balboa
Show Me Your Fantasy

2199 Market St
(between 15th St & Sanchez St)
San Francisco, CA 94114
July 3rd, 2009 - August 2nd, 2009
Opening: July 11th, 2009 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Thursday - Sunday 12-6pm

Femina Potens Art Gallery continues its mission to identify and fulfill your deepest desires at the ‘Show Me Your Fantasy’ visual art exhibition. Fall witness to a brilliant display of artistic expression as we create a fantastical place for desires and erotic longings to come true.

Come realize your own fantasies at Femina Potens Art gallery, which has long been known for inclusiveness and nurturing the fantastic forays of the queer community. Our opening reception, on Saturday July 11 from 7-10pm, is a unique opportunity to view the work alongside the artists and curators, the true context of erotic art activism.
July 3 to August 2, gallery hours Thursday to Sunday noon - 6:00 pm. 2199 Market St, SF.

Nicoz Balboa

Bio: Nicoz Balboa was born in Rome. She graduated from the I.E.D. (European Institute of Design) of Rome and did a three-month stage at the E.S.A.G. of Paris. In 1996 she started to self-produce her comics with some fanzines called Catholic Girls, Caccapiscia, and several mini-comics called Cuoricini, Pochi Intimi, Axe Rouge, Maison, Adesivi, and Njcoz's Girls. In 2005, she published her first solo comic-album "Nicozrama" with the Centro Fumetto Andrea Pazienza and in 2008 she published another solo comic book named "Les Larmes the Crocodile" for the French publisher "Diantre!" Her comics, artworks and illustrations have also appeared in magazines such as the French Target Magazine, Rugged, Stripburger, the Spanish Look de Book. She often work for rock bands doing posters (Unsane, Motorama, the Normals, the Intellectuals, Bloody Hollies, the Smackdown etc...). She participates in lots of collective exhibitions such as "Beautiful Dreamers" at the Angel Art Gallery of Milan, "Don't Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker" at the MFGallery of New York, "Knock Your Socks Off" at the Head Quarters Gallery of Montreal, the " Dirty Show" in Detroit, "Immigrant Punk" at Black Maria Gallery of Los Angeles, "Skulls of Rome" in Rome organized by DRAGO editions, "Girls Adventures" at Arkel
gallery in Bruxell, "Pop Invaders" and "Money-Lisa" at Mondo POP gallery in Rome. She also did two personal exhibitions in Paris (at the Toast Gallery and at the Tribal Act Gallery).  She released a two minute cartoon "les religions sauvages" with the French group Le dernier Cri. She's currently working on a kid's book for the French publisher Diantre. She has lived in France since 2001 where she runs the True Hate Art Gallery (

Karen Marisa  

Bio: Karen Marisa was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Asia and Africa. She has resided in California for over twenty years.  Through Photography she articulates  herself in a visual language that expresses sensuality, passion and a political vision. Her interests in photography include urban street, portrait, documentary, events, nature, historic, journalistic, and storytelling work.

Snow Black and the Seven Bois Gang written by Vixen Noir

Storytelling Artist:  Veronica C. Combs/Vixen Noir
Photographer: Karen Marisa

Vixen Noir aka Veronica C. Combs conceptualized the story of Snow Black and
The Seven-Bois Gang for for the 2008 ³The Fairytale² issue (13) of Slit: a
dyke trans sex magazine based in Sydney Australia, in which she was also
interviewed. Her artistic vision was photographed by Karen Marisa

Exhibition Statement:
This work is a spoof on a Fairy Tale.  Fairy Tales are mythical and express dominant culture ideals it is important to turn these upside down.  Snow Black and the Seven Bois Gang provides a different viewpoint of race, gender, sexual orientation, and sexuality with a queer sensibility in a dominant culture of repression.

Back Story: Snow Black's evil stepmother's magic mirror has told her that she is not the hottest, sexiest, most fashionable one of all.  Snow Black is!  This enrages the evil stepmother and makes her extremely jealous!  The evil stepmother pretends she has a terrible headache and tells Snow Black to immediately fetch her some medicine from the corner liquor store.  "The chauffeur will take you my dear." The evil stepmother orders her chauffeur to take Snow Black out for a ride and offer her a poison apple.  The chauffeur really loves Snow Black like a sister and does not have the heart to kill her, so he gives her an apple injected with a sleeping potion.  After taking a bite, Snow Black falls into a deep sleep, and the chauffeur takes her far away from the evil stepmother, deep into the enchanted woods and lays her out to rest in hopes that a kind stranger will find her, revive her and care for her.  The chauffeur returns to the evil stepmother with the news that Snow Black is dead!

The "Seven-Bois Gang" is walking through the enchanted woods and on their way to their hideout they discover Snow Black.  Even though they are bad transgender bois, they have good hearts and immediately shift into rescue mode.  They examine her closely and find that she is alive, but in a deep, deep sleep.  Between the seven of them they try several different ways to revive her.  Eventually they are successful and Snow Black awakens to find herself surrounded by the transgender gang and realizes they have saved her.  She has a revelation.  In amazement and awe she is revived.  She is ever so glad to be alive and in the company of such bad bois.   Snow Black shows her gratitude to them in several delightful ways.  Snow Black and the Seven-Bois Gang live happily ever after.

Malia Schlaefer

Bio: Malia Schlaefer's professional, artistic and personal interests lie in art, sex, and community.  She creates photographs addressing contemporary female sexuality. Malia grew up in the desert in Tucson, Arizona.  She attended the University of San Diego, earning her BA in Visual Art, emphasizing in photography and design.  She continued her
graduate studies at the San Francisco Art Institute. After graduation Malia annually curated and coordinated “The Open Show,” artwork addressing queer identity issues, for USD's Social Issues Conference. She has shown her work with various galleries in California and Florida.  Featured in the SD Weekly, OC Weekly, and has an upcoming expose in WHORE! magazine. Her latest body of work addresses the hot topic of sexual desire, examining people's sexual fantasies by recreating and photographing them, producing a provocative and titillating series of photographs.


Waking up in a mass of inspirational and talented artists and spaces, Amandalynn realized her calling at a young age. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, she was inspired by several different local artists to expand her talent. Robin Grass, an amazing fantasy painter from that area, was and still is an iconic influence in her art. She moved away from the East and headed West to San Francisco, CA where she attended art school, both from an educational system, but more so from a
 networking system of creativity that surrounded her. San Francisco has been Amanda’s home base for the past nine years and has connected her to so many different types of art, artists and incredible projects. Amandalynn works by day as a motorcycle and metal sculpture painter and restorator. She crams her fine art career into the hours in between work and very little sleep. Her fine art usually consists of seductive, secretive female imagery that is recognizable by their
 long ears and sometimes green skin. Amanda also paints her figures on doorways and walls around SF and throughout the country, usually accompanying graffiti mural productions. She also has been commissioned over the years to do several large scale mural projects and gallery shows. Amandalynn lives to create and is constantly striving to make and do more and higher quality work.