Orotones and Silvertones - Photography of the Old West

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Southeastern Idaho Reservations, of Northern Bannock & Shoshone (Sho-Ban) Indians, negative circa 1897-98 © HHP Trust
Orotones and Silvertones - Photography of the Old West
Curated by: Vangie Pullins

10 Enterprise Drive, Suite D
Rohnert Park
, CA 94928
May 30th, 2009 - July 12th, 2009
Opening: June 6th, 2009 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

North Bay/Napa
(707) 588-1200
Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm, Sun 11am to 4pm
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Aurora Colors Gallery presents:
This exhibit is just a taste of the Huntington Historical Photographic Trust collection that Aurora Colors is now offering individually or in sets.

Created from the Trusts's personal and private collections, these glass plate collectible photographs are produced with exquisite quality and attention to detail. Their subject is mostly historic American Indians, photographed originally by the best photographers from the late 1800s through the early 1900s.

The exhibit will include vintage paintings of the old west as well.
The exhibit collection includes limited edition orotones of photographs by Edward S. Curtis, Benedicte Wrensted (a woman), Layton A. Huffman, Benjamin Gifford, and Carl Moon and limited edition silvertones of photographs by Howard Clinton Tibbitts.

All frames are custom milled, hand made period frames, with composition corners, and gold gilding - created locally by the Trust exclusively for these editions, which are limited to 25 per image, with a Limited Edition Certificate on the verso. Plate sizes range from approx. 11" x 15" to 14" x 18".
Orotones are photographs developed on a proprietary photographic emulsion which severely limits competition, thus making them scarce and valuable. They are bonded to glass and then chemically toned to produce the sepia-toned qualities that are evidenced in the final image. They are backed with the same processes used by Edward Curtis in his production of "Curt-Tones", later known as "Orotones" or "Goldtones" in his renowned depiction of "The North American Indian" images in gold.
HHPT is the only purveyor of the silvertone technique with its release of limited edition silvertones, which are processed similarly to the orotones and backed with a silver micro-bronzing compound in a special solution which provides the special effect that is so unique. These are rare, unpublished photographs, circa late 1890's of Yosemite taken by California photographer H.C. Tibbitts.
Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868-1952) dedicated thirty years of his life, 1899 to 1930, to producing one of the most extensive and thorough photographic and ethnographic documents on any one subject in the history of photography. He completed twenty volumes of text and photogravures entitled "The North American Indian", a study of more than eighty tribes from Mexico to Alaska. Among his supporters and contributors were J.P. Morgan and President Theodore Roosevelt. Only in the past twenty-five years has his work and efforts been recognized for the contribution it is: an exquisite depiction of the spiritual backbone of our country.

For more information, Email or call Vangie Pullins at (707)762-0131.

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