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© Courtesy of the Artist and 111 Minna Gallery

111 Minna St.
San Francisco, CA 94105
June 7th, 2013 - June 29th, 2013
Opening: June 7th, 2013 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Mon-Fri 7:30-5
multi-media, collage, animation, surrealism


Collaborations w/ special guest artists: James Dirschberger, Steve Ferrera, Buzz Parker, Jared Thomas Roth

Rob Reger’s “unEarthed” exhibition will feature an alternative timeline to Earths existence; one that highlights Creation, reEvolution, Mother Nature, Construction, Destruction, Waste, and Felines.  Expect the world upended at the 111 Minna Unnatural History Museum.


Rob Reger’s art aesthetic is a multi-media mix of surrealism, DIY punk, and pop sensibility resulting in what he calls “elegant absurdity.” He founded his design house, Cosmic Debris, in 1992, and introduced the world to Emily the Strange—an icon of empowerment for people of all ages. Reger fuels his artistic imagination with cats, music, nature, science, and illusions of all kinds. Reger received a BFA from the University of CA, Santa Cruz and a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.  His artworks have been exhibited around the world, including: New York, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, Berlin, Milan, and Hong Kong.

About the Artist Collaborations

My mixed and multi-media Vision for unEarthed contains painting, drawing, collage, animation, 3D works, blown glass, living plants, sound, drift wood, and electronics. With such a grand vision for this show, it made sense to collaborate with some of my favorite artists and their specialties for specific elements of the show’s scope. Each artist collaboration expands upon, and literally extends from, elements of my work for the show. Some collaborations will involve 3 or more of the artists on the same artwork.



James Dirschberger 

James Dirschberger is an independent animation and filmmaker who runs Eighty Four Films, a Los Angeles based production company. His goal is to create original films and animations through collaborative efforts with other emerging artists and filmmakers. To date James has produced over 75 films including the animated web series The Forest City Rockers and The Seafarers. His first feature film “Honest Man: The Life of R.Budd Dwyer” was release 2010. James is also co-creator and executive producer of Sanjay & Craig, an animated children’s show for Nickelodeon. For more information, please visit

Steve Ferrera 

Steve Ferrera received his BFA from the University of California, Santa Cruz in Studio Art, and his MFA from SJSU with an emphasis in spatial arts. He’s worked as a sculptor at Cirecast in San Francisco, and ran Fourth Street Glass, a production studio for hand-blown glass in Berkeley. For many years he worked in the visual effects industry doing commercial and feature film work for clients like HBO, Prologue Films, and Sony Pictures, as well as set and character design and construction for stop-motion film.

“A lot of my work is inspired by mythology and folklore- creation and destruction, so working with Rob on this installation was a perfect fit. Our aesthetics are similar, but the materials we use are very different, which has resulted in some interesting pieces.”

Buzz Parker

Buzz Parker’s aesthetic and imagination is colored by his interest in pop surrealism, tree houses, illustrated gardening and comic books. He is continually expanding his vision of large tree house communities and Secret Garden lifestyle with inspiration from his own backyard gardens. Buzz graduated from Humboldt State University in 1996 with a degree in Graphic Design and Printmaking. In 1998, Buzz partnered with Rob Reger’s Emily The Strange. His introspective Emily drawings and paintings have been shown throughout California, Berlin, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Jared Thomas Roth 

Jared Thomas Roth lives in the unincorporated town of Majors, in California.  Other than to replenish supplies, he seldom ventures into town.  His art is mostly made from materials found out in his yard, or things that wash up onto obscure beaches after storms. The hardware is mostly pillaged from rotten shacks and abandoned chicken coops, salvage yards, and landfills. Roth is known to stare at rotten boards for hours, lives in a shack made of such boards, and once went on a roadtrip to find a massive parking lot reportedly covered in rusty bottlecaps, only to find it freshly paved.  The objects shown here are homage to such treasures, and conveniently, also make good kindling.