Rebirth of a Nation: Travis Somerville’s 1963

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1963, 2009 Installations With Found Objects And Video 117 X 116 X 214 Inches © Crocker Art Museum, Crocker Art Museum Purchase with funds provided by Deborah and Andrew Rappaport, 2011.78
Rebirth of a Nation: Travis Somerville’s 1963

216 O Street
Sacramento, California 95814
March 3rd, 2013 - May 5th, 2013
Opening: March 3rd, 2013 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

916 808 7000
Tue-Sun 10am-5pm; Thu 10am-9pm; Closed Mondays (Holiday Mondays 10 AM – 5 PM)
mixed-media, installation


Rebirth of A Nation: Travis Somerville’s 1963 is a tightly focused exhibition that  showcases the Crocker Art Museum’s newly acquired, mixed-media installation  1963, along with four large-scale paintings and a site-specific wall drawing. A threedimensional construction measuring 7 feet high and 12 feet wide, 1963 examines a  volatile and pivotal year in American history through sculpture, video, painting, and  collage. Somerville, who regards himself as a history painter, has created a rich  tapestry of social documents, political detail, and popular culture artifacts.  Wallpapered with randomly culled sheets of period newspapers, Somerville's  structure is meant to be entered and viewed from within and out. It serves  simultaneously as a collage, time capsule, and provocation. Somerville's critique of  the visual artifacts of racism in the United States is personal. Born in 1963, he was  raised in Georgia by activist parents who participated in the Civil Rights movement.  He aims with 1963 to make visceral the conflict and violence that confronted the  fight for equal treatment under the law in that decade.

Rebirth of a Nation: Travis Somerville’s 1963 will be accompanied by a 20-page  catalogue with full-color reproductions written by Diana L. Daniels, the exhibition’s  curator. For more information, visit