The New Mystics: West Coast Painters

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Atlas, 2011 Oil On Panel 24 X 36 Inches © Jordan Quintero
The New Mystics: West Coast Painters

1286 Folsom street
San Francisco, California 94103
November 1st, 2012 - December 6th, 2012
Opening: November 1st, 2012 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

The New Mystics, Multi-media Performance, Contemporary Painters, performance, surrealism, figurative, modern
free and open to the public


Jellyfish Gallery proudly presents The New Mystics: West Coast Painters, a group exhibition curated by Jordan Quintero.  Show runs November 1st through December 7th, 2012.  Opening reception with refreshments and performances, Thursday, November 1st from 6-9 pm.  Closing reception and artist talk on Thursday December 6th, 6-9pm.  Located at 1286 Folsom St, San Francisco, Ca 94103.

Bringing together six contemporary artists working primarily in painting and mixed media, the show will seek to examine the connections between consciousness, spirituality and the act of painting. Artists include Thomas Christopher Haag, Obi Kaufmann, Jordan Quintero, Nate Valensky, Jess Riegel, and Orian Lathrop.

Ranging from whimsical to darkly mysterious, the work will fuse the gap between abstract and figurative imagery and present a cross section of contemporary painterly expressionism on the West Coast.

Curators Statement:

mystic |`mistik|


a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.

The persistence of painting and other analogue processes of image creation in the post-photographic and post-digital-imaging world is indicative of a deep seated need in our culture to access "truths beyond the intellect".  

The act of painting retains it's gravitas and emotional resonance in the contemporary world because it is a direct medium, connected physically and spiritually to the being of the artist.  A brush mark is both contained in the picture and container of the mystical essence of the Self that made it; at once a self-evident image and an eternally mysterious apparition.  

Working in the grand tradition of intuitive image makers, these New Mystics seek not to create images that conform to some preconceived notion of style or aesthetic taste, but in order to uncover the profound, delightful, or uncomfortable truths that are contained within their deepest selves.

The work treads the fine line between representation and abstraction, conveying a humble truth: all visual perception is both and at the same time chaotic mass of incidence and abstract-symbolic pattern.  The painter can inhabit this paradox completely in his process; moving, thinking, feeling, making, being.  In the rhythmic work of painting, true and direct intuition supersedes rational and intellectual understanding, and this in turn allows the resultant image-objects the freedom to be what they can be, instead of what they should be.  There is an intimacy inherent in these artists’ work that echoes the mystical Union with the Deity.  The viewer can approach such a work as if it were a living thing, and a dynamic relationship develops as such.  I am proud to help facilitate the exhibition of these artist’s works.

-JQ, April 29th, 2012