Tyson Vogel: The Looming Symphonies: Your Streets Are My Song (Performances and Open House)

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Tyson Vogel: The Looming Symphonies: Your Streets Are My Song
Tyson Vogel: The Looming Symphonies: Your Streets Are My Song (Performances and Open House)

1275 Minnesota St.
94107 San Francisco
August 18th, 2012 - August 19th, 2012

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Wed-Sat 12-5
tyson vogel, sound, audio, sound art, sound performance, installation, performance, conceptual


Tyson Vogel

The Looming Symphonies: Your Streets Are My Song


Residency Dates: July 23rd – August 16th


Opening Reception: August 17th, 6-10pm


Performances/ Open house: August 18th-19th , 1-10pm


Gallery open by appointment only until August 17th


Ever Gold Gallery is pleased to present the fourth installment of our bi-yearly residency program with musician, composer and artist Tyson Vogel. Best known for being one half of Two Gallants, the San Francisco based rock duo poised to release their fourth full length album on ATO Records September 4th, Vogel has also been perusing his solo and collaborative project Devotionals. This summer, Vogel will grace Ever Gold with a work of sonic installations before embarking on a 3 month, 70+ date, US/European tour in the fall. The residency will be a special hybrid of sounds, bringing the world of popular music into artistic discourse as he melds diegetic street noise into his compositions. Supported by the Kenneth Rainin Foundation.


Live video feed of residency begins July 30th



Artist Statement:

We are all very influenced by our environment, whether riding a bus, peering through its  windowpane, watching the street outside pass in all its variation and fertile anonymity, to what your senses meet when shopping for the makings of your next meal, how you react to that homeless man forcing his vacant hand in your direction, or to the naked embrace of your lover in your own bed… we all have very distinct and unique reactions with what our bodies and senses come into contact. No one is excluded from this experience, and as much as they may try to influence it, there is an inherent capability, sensitive awareness, that is sewn into our existence/being, in our organs/skin, that drives our most private of decisions; decisions that, whether seemingly subtle or grandiose, end defining each one of us.   


The artist’s duty is to perform with these affects and in the process, perhaps illuminate every, or even one small facet of the environment in which he/she is exposed- the sculptor: the physicality, the painter: the interactions of color, the installation artist: the workings of spatial themes to affect senses of reality, the minimalist: to subtract sense… art, whether based on something or nothing, is rooted the animalistic tendencies of our now most complicated brain, and most primal bodies. The Looming Symphonies: Your Streets Are My Song is a thesis, experiment, rooted in this idea of art versus, or perhaps inherent in, the Living in the form of Sound.


Most everyone finds, or are in constant search of, a place where they feel most comfortable to express themselves… and for those artistically focused, this is very much the case in finding an environment that feels comfortable and has the room to allow such alchemies of creative process to flourish. In my experience, for the musician, most often it is a bedroom. But I have come to think that these spaces are only a form of quarantine, or better, a sort of delivery room, to allow what the individual has experienced to find form in private and in comfort. That being said, the space in which things are created is often not considered as an equation of, or part of, the art itself. Beyond this, neither are the invisible affects of the environment that created the pallet from which the piece of art materialized.


To explore this idea, my "residency" at Ever Gold is an experiment, exploration, in bringing that anonymous environment directly into the art, exposing the process directly into the space, with very little veil between the environment/reality that informed, molded, catalyzed, the final product. Looming Symphonies: Your Streets Are My Song…is a sonic symphony whose elements and players will be only the honest sounds of the Tenderloin and its inhabitance, that I as the conductor will try to represent and interpret as an ode to the un-devoted affects that direct and define us all.


Sound design by Jeff Blair

Digital download of audio sample of residency to be released August 17th

Limited edition 45 to be released in January 2013


All press inquires or to schedule a residency visit please contact


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