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detail from Earth and Cosmos, 2012 © artist
Earth and Cosmos, 2012 Ink And Pigment On Panel 6" X 24" © artist

John F. Kennedy University - Berkeley Campus
2956 San Pablo Avenue, 2nd Floor Arts Annex
Berkeley, CA 94702
July 23rd, 2012 - August 17th, 2012
Opening: July 28th, 2012 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

East Bay
Monday - Friday noon-5pm, closed Sunday and holidays
John F. Kennedy University
mixed-media, installation
free and open to the public


For immediate release

June 15, 2012

Visual Arts Exhibition

ARTIST: Jennifer Jastrab

TITLE: Topophilia, imaginal topographies of place

Imaginal topographies of mystical lands, cosmic skies, and winter fields welcome viewers into environments and places momentarily familiar then strange. With common tools such as pencils, pigments, erasers and scouring pads the artist creates richly textured and multi-layered drawings and mixed medium works on paper and panels. Through a patient process of applying and removing graphite or pigment in successive layers, ephemeral dialogues between hand and mind, memory and dream, and thought and feeling, are revealed. The confluence of incidental scratches, smears, erasures and textures form layers of psychic geographies into stratified repositories of poetic intuitions.

While the work is informed by the contemplation of natural phenomena, it is unconcerned with realistic depictions. The focus is upon utilizing the art making process to interpret, capture and convey the inner topographies of the human spirit interacting with evanescent places both seen and unseen. The fleeting moment is mapped and archived. This is not a literal type of geographical mapping, but instead akin to mappae mundi, the diagrams of the Middle Ages, which used early forms of cartography to map history, mythology, imagination, and dreams.

The works displayed range in size, from a large scroll to drawings mounted in small specimen dishes. Viewers experience places that are concurrently vast and intimate. Also on display is a collaborative installation with musician, Winston Berger, and dancer and poet, Catherine Baumgartner. The trio explores connection to place, in this instance an East Bay marina, through their respective mediums - drawing, sound and movement.  

 * The word topophilia was conceived by the French philosopher, Gaston Bachelard in his seminal work, The Poetics of Space, in which he explores the imagination in relationship to topophilia, the spaces we love. 


EXHIBITION DATES:    July 23 - August 17  2012

RECEPTION: Saturday July 28, 6:30 – 9:30 pm       

LOCATION:   John F. Kennedy University – Berkeley Campus

Arts & Consciousness Gallery, 2956 San Pablo Ave., 2nd Floor, Berkeley CA 94702

Exhibition hours: Monday – Friday  12 – 5 pm

private appts to view the exhibit are welcome, contact the artist:

Artist Website:

Gallery Contact: Doreen Coyne, Gallery Manager, Phone: 510-647-2047

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