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Curated by: Eric Stewart

2948 16th Street
San Francsico, CA 94103
May 26th, 2012 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Currently open for one-night events only; see for full schedule.
film, cinema, Expanded Cinema mixed-media, sound installation / expanded cinema mixed-media performance
$7-$15 sliding scale


Iteration/Aberration explores the relationships between pattern, wavelength, and rhythm to that of perception, memory and experience. By extending cinema beyond traditional forms of presentation, the projector and audience become dynamic and malleable elements that reframe the media-maker's role into that more akin to a performer, conductor or choreographer. These artist's employ optical, electrical and mechanical manipulations that pry cinema into a ritualistic performance of light and sound fully accepting that the act of watching, changes that which is being watched.

[untitled] by Mathew Stryke

Drone piece with binaural beats, 15 minutes

Articulation of Boolean Algebra for Film Opticals (Finale) by Tony Conrad
16mm, 10 minutes 

“Articulation of Boolean Algebra for Film Opticals is one of the most austere and highly structure-dependent films ever, made without images other than six patterns of alternating black and white imposed upon the full surface of the film strip.” (Canyon Cinema)

Les Tournesols, Les Tournesols Colores by Rose Lowder
16mm, 6 minutes

“The film presents a field of sunflowers. The focus is adjusted frame by frame in succession according to a series of patterns on particular plants situated in different parts of the field. The diverse configurations placed on separate frames of the film strip appear, when projected successively, simultaneously on the screen. Thus, filmed one after another at different focal lengths, the sunflowers combine during projection to form one spatiotemporal image. LES TOURNESOLS COLORÉS is a capricious version of the film.” (Canyon Cinema)

Impromptu by Rose Lowder
16mm, 8 minutes

“Mounted frame by frame in the camera by rewinding the reel several times during filming, the composition of the film is based on the interweaving of images recorded at two or three different periods of time. The mingling of the mobile forms in each space on the screen represents a particular spatiotemporal experience....” (Canyon Cinema)

Tarp by Zach Iannazzi

16mm 3 minutes

Films by Randy Sterling Hunter TBA


First Hermenutics, Multi-channel film/video performance, 15-20 min. - Michael Morris

“... an expanded cinema performance utilizing the aberrations that occur in the interpretation of filmic frame rates by NTSC video refresh rates. The first in a series of works conflating the discipline of interpreting texts with technological modes of interpreting information and with the bodily processes involved in perception. It makes use of hacked 16mm projectors, hand processed film loops, CMOS spy cameras, light sensitive electronics, and flickering light projections that produce a cacophony of responsive noise.” (Michael Morris)

Circles of Confusion, 10 minutes dual 16mm - Eric Stewart

Colored circles pulse and blend to the sounds of oscillators and doomsday cults.

Live video performance by Dayv Jones

Dayv Jones is a long time cable access producer and ATA volunteer staff. He works almost exclusively with Hi8/Digital 8 cameras- creating imagery reminiscent of the in-between wake and sleep state of consciousness through the use of in camera effects, filters, and recycling imagery by shooting monitors.

Regenerating Arms, Dual 16mm variable time - Tooth

& more TBA!!!!!