SCULPTURE (California)

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Rat with Grapes, 2002 © Carlee Fenandez (photo by Fredrik Nilsen)
Open Before My Retrospective at MOCA in LA, 1970 - present Steel And Unknown Contents (Time Capsule © Stephen Kaltenbach
Head #2 Ceramics © Gerald Walburg
© Coleen Sterritt
Lead Zipper © Tom Bills
SCULPTURE (California)

Los Angeles, CA 90065
March 20th, 2012 - May 4th, 2012
Opening: March 20th, 2012 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

eagle rock/highland park
24 hours online
installation, conceptual, figurative, sculpture


Another Year in LA will present the second in a series of three exhibitions focusing on a specific art activity: Painting (Los Angeles), Sculpture (California) and Drawing (Los Angeles).  The exhibitions are a sampling of wok by artists living and working in Los Angeles and in the case of the Sculpture (California) exhibition, artists residing in California.

The Sculpture exhibition consists of work by ten artists that addresses the act and nature of creating three dimensional forms.  The participating artists are: Tom Bills, YaYa Chou, Julia Couzens, Nancy Evans, Carlee Fernandez, Christopher Füllemann, Robin Hill, Stephen Kaltenbach, Coleen Sterritt and Gerald Wallburg.

The work in this exhibition spans a wide range of investigation - from conceptual to installation to work including light.  Artists Stephen Kaltenbach and Gerald Walburg both address conceptualism in their work; Kaltenbach with a time capsule "Open Before My Retrospective at MOCA in LA" and Walburg with beautiful, amorphic ceramic works that address organic and geometric morphed figurative work with subtlety.

Coleen Sterritt's constructions are smart with construction and balance vying for resolve, with formalism and conservation addressed structurally whereas Julia Couzens and Carlee Fernandez' works are touched and created with tender, focused care, creating unique works that are intense and diverse. YaYa Chou, addresses spatial relationships and ascension in her installation.

Tom Bill's work calls to the beauty of surface and form in an elegant geometric work. Nancy Evans' work hails back to things subconsciously known and unknown. With the addition of light, Robin Hill addresses, in her wax castings of slide carousels, a nod to what was, and a leap to the potential in the progress or maturation of an object, once utilitarian; to a work of art. Christopher Fulleman debuts in LA with an exuberant work that is alive and vital, talking about juxtapositions, balance, frivolity and embraces freedom in making and doing work.

It is our intention to bring together work and artists that would not have the occasion to meet or show together to open possibility for visual and critical dialogue.