Seeing Double - The Best of DOUBLEtruck Magazine

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© Courtesy of the Artist and San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery
Seeing Double - The Best of DOUBLEtruck Magazine

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102
February 8th, 2012 - May 18th, 2012
Opening: February 8th, 2012 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Union Square/Civic Center
Mon - Fri 8am-8pm

The San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery’s Art at City Hall program presents Seeing Double – The Best of DOUBLEtruck Magazine, a travelling exhibition organized by KONA Gallery and Photojournalism Center (San Clemente, CA).  Seeing Double offers a chance to view a selection of over 60 of the best photographs featured in the first five years of the award-winning quarterly magazineDOUBLEtruck. The exhibition is a virtual time capsule of some of the most memorable moments in recent history captured by world-renowned photojournalists.

SFAC Gallery Director, Meg Shiffler says, “Hosting this epic exhibition at historic City Hall offers viewers the opportunity to learn about, or revisit, the celebrations and tragedies that have defined recent history through iconic images that illuminate the human condition.”

Seeing Double was curated by Scott McKeirnen, publisher of DOUBLEtruck, director of KONA Gallery and Photojournalism Center, and the founder of ZUMA Press, the largest picture agency and wire service in the world run by a photojournalist. Launched in 2004, DOUBLEtruck is dedicated to promoting outstanding photojournalism and showcasing high-impact photography of important world issues. The magazine’s title refers to an ad or editorial project that covers two facing pages.

“The magazine was inspired by the photojournalism renaissance in 2003, when major magazines around the globe ran amazing picture content of the Iraq conflict over numerous two-page spreads,” said Mc Kiernan. "Each image featured in the magazine tells the story as only a strong single image can.” For more information, visit

About the KONA Gallery and Photojournalism Center

The KONA Gallery is a space dedicated to the presentation and discourse of photojournalism. The vision of The KONA Gallery has been to expose a broad audience to moving historical moments through the lens of acclaimed photographers. The gallery also acts as a think-tank for industry professionals, emergent photographers and the interested public.

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