Animal Stories

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© Courtesy of the Artist and Gallery 16
Animal Stories

501 3rd St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
January 13th, 2012 - February 29th, 2012
Opening: January 13th, 2012 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Tue-Fri 10-5; Sat 11-5
photography, video-art, sculpture


The exhibition brings together three bodies of work which use dead animals to look at deadly threats to living animals from the actions (or inactions) of humans. The dead animals are taxidermied or jarred specimens and animal death masks originally from university teaching collections. The deadly threats encompass habitat destruction from deforestation, agricultural encroachment, and exotic invasive species; changes in ocean chemistry and sea level as climate change progresses; pollution both chemical and physical; deliberate killing of species labeled pests; legal and illegal overharvesting, even accidents. 

Opening Reception for the artist, Friday, January 13th 6-9 PM  

With music by Virgil Shaw 

Gallery 16 is excited to announce it's fifth exhibition with SECA award recipient Carol Selter. In this exhibition Carol embarks on a timely discussion of the deadly threats to our natural habitat. She does so in three distinct bodies of work that encompass photography, sculpture and video. The work is simultaneously poignant, funny and disarming.

She uses a range of mediums from photographic prints to video to express her concern for environments and animals that fall victim to human activity and carelessness. The exhibition brings to light issues ranging from habitat destruction, pollution and over-harvesting both legal and illegal.

In her photographic series Calendar Pictures, Selter photographs taxidermed animals used in scientific research in their natural habitats. These photoshoots find the animals on field trips in acts of symbolic reparation. There they were photographed in the manner of classical wildlife pictures often seen in Wildlife Calendars. We see the familiar scenes and settings but they are unexpectedly populated with dead subjects. The ridiculous ways in which the dead animals have "been brought to life" are uncomfortably hilarious.

Carol Selter's work has been exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, di Rosa, CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY, Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, Harvard University and San Jose Museum of Art. She is the recipient of the SECA Award in Electronic Media (1996) and the Phelan Art Award-Photography.

For additional information, please contact Katy at Gallery 16, 415.626.7495 or e-mail