Vast and Undetectable

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© Courtesy of the Artist and San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery
Vast and Undetectable
Curated by: Aimee Le Duc

155 Grove St.
San Francisco, CA 94102
January 20th, 2012 - April 14th, 2012
Opening: January 20th, 2012 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Union Square/Civic Center


The San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery is pleased to present, Vast and Undetectable, curated by Aimee Le Duc featuring work by; Luca Antonucci, Reenie Charrière, Jonathon Keats, Phil Ross, Daniel Small, Heather Sparks and Gail Wight. This exhibition explores space that is either so large or so small we cannot conceive of it with our known processes of sight and comprehension. We have to invent systems and vernaculars (from physics to astronomy to science fiction to visual art) to be able to talk about these spaces. The artists in the show, from Jonathon Keat’s founding a Microbial Academy of Sciences for cyanobacteria to Heather Sparks’ lenticular photograph of pixelated scans of her own skin, are establishing systems dedicated to measuring and positing what exactly these kinds of space look like, how they behave and how they affect our daily lives. Additionally the artists strive to comprehend how time passes within these spaces and how objects move within them.

The artists in Vast and Undetectable are creating work that runs the gamut from the most microscopic existence to the vastest reaches of space and time. They are creating objects, and forms of order to articulate these spaces and the shapes they might take. Through the use of photography, video and installation, the work employs of the matter within these unfathomable spaces as both source material and subject matter.

Exhibition Locations and Artists:

SFAC Main Gallery
401 Van Ness Avenue (at McAllister), San Francisco, CA 94102

Artists: Luca Antonucci, Jonathon Keats, Phil Ross, Daniel Small, Heather Sparks, Gail Wight

SFAC Gallery Window Installation Site
155 Grove Street, San Francisco, CA  94102

Gallery Hours: Viewable 24/7

Artist: Reenie Charrière