The Book of the IS

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© Courtesy of the Artist and 111 Minna Gallery
The Book of the IS

111 Minna St.
San Francisco, CA 94105
September 30th, 2011 7:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Mon-Fri 7:30-5
book signing, reading
Open to the Public


7-9 reception and book signing
9-10 readings and Q & A
10-2  revelry and mayhem

This unique, one time only show will also include up to 50 artists who have crafted singular, hand made covers for the book!

List of artists:

Artists include: Swoon, Robin Frohardt, Brian Goggin, John Law, Charlie Gadeken, Jason Webly, Julian Cash, Rosana Scimeca, Ben Zero, Rachel Wiedenger, Justin Atwood, Mongoloid, Andy Nixon, Sharon Legone, Michelle Reaganbogen, Lopi Larue, Ani Thompkins, Dave Cherry, Charlene Zvolanek, Jenner Davis, Cathy Costantino, Robin Lammaslehto, Guy Hill, Marty Kenny, Mike Hales, James Goode, Napalm, Deidre DeFranceaux, Margaret Griffith, Elise Fried, Lorelei Moon, Aaron Ximm, Lee Roswell, Karine Maynard, Maija Wilder, Brody Scotland, Dr. Entym, Tim Twelves, Jessica Taylor, Karine Maynard, Olivia Stambor, Veronica Van Gough, Abbie Dwelle, Jessica Taylor, Pickles!, Melissa Daly, Jennifer Alexander, Kiko Aumond, Bonnie Reiss, Arin Fishkin, Andie Lane, Arron Muszalski, and many more!!!!

Performing: Bloody Nurses

223 pages of brutal truths

·      Is engineering failure effective? Fun? Interesting? Profitable?
·      What is: Severe Comedy? Does it hurt?
·      How can you eliminate hope? Isn’t hope a kind of fear?
·      What happens if you live your life as art?
·      No really, actually, authentically live your life as art?

Here is a guy who crashed his Showboat into his grandstand while wielding his street cred like a +5 sword against the idea that a show has to be fiction. It doesn’t. A show can be real. Should be real. Has to be real if it’s any good. He turned writing a book into a show. Visit this website and see how:

WWW.BOOKOFTHEIS.COM | Available September 19th, 2011

223 pages of lies, propaganda and brutal truths that will change the way you think. It’s a self harm book that encourages engineered failure as an exercise in something you already know:  you don’t really want what you think you want.

Can you travel the country in a circus with zero talent? What happens if you run for mayor as a joke and no one gets it? Where did GG Allin go wrong? What happened to those bands in the 80’s? What is the Cacophony Society, really?  Can you really, truly live your life as art? What does that look like? What happens when you NEVER go for the boring money, never kiss the brass ring and always grasp beyond your reach?

These and many, many other questions sorta answered!

247 full color photos, 11 adventures, hundreds of “a-ha” moments, a million laughs and all about one single concept: There Are No Consequences!

If you ever wondered what it is that Chicken John is doing in there, then you want to read this book. If you have ever enjoyed an event or a yoga class or a dinner or anything else at his Chez Poulet warehouse on Cesar Chavez street in SF, then you want to buy this book, for the money generated from the sale of this book goes to saving the place from extinction. Mortgage crisis and all…