Media Room: James Pollack

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Media Room: James Pollack
Curated by: Lily Alexander

248 Utah Street
Ground Floor
94103 San Francisco

April 9th, 2011 - May 28th, 2011
Opening: April 9th, 2011 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Potrero District
Tue-Wed,Fri-Sat 11-6; Thu 11-7


In the interactive, web-based installation piece on exhibition in the Media Room, James Pollack takes the viewer on a multi-sensorial, mythical journey. During an afternoon at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, Pollack, intrigued by Al Farrow’s cathedral, took advantage of the momentary distraction of the guard to steal an image of the inside of the sculpture.  He then transformed this 2-D image into a 3-D space that may be explored by the viewer.  The user can journey through the interior of Farrow’s cathedral, powerfully reminiscent of the gothic cathedral spaces of Europe.  Inside this echoing vault-like space, haunted by the reliquary spine that resides there, Pollack’s poetic reflections on a world embattled by religion fall upon the viewer, accompanied by the prisms of light that dart through the windows. Pollack uses his digital capabilities to invite the viewer to experience a unique blending of art, poetry, and virtual environments that use our cultural history of both words and images in a post-appropriation age where meaning is made out of a no-holds-barred mode of production framed by the discourse of an open-source software community.

Pollack received his BA in English Literature from Yale University, and is currently a member of the Digital Arts and New Media MFA program at UC Santa Cruz.  He was the recipient of the 2009 Yale Innovation in Digital Environments Award, the 2009 Francis Bergen Memorial Prize in Poetry, and a 2010 UC Regents Fellowship in Digital Arts and New Media.  His work has recently been exhibited at Brown University's 4th International Conference & Festival of the Electronic Literature Organization, the Java Museum and the MOCA's Virtual Museum.