Mother May I

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Soul Keyhole, 2011 Clay 12 X 16 X 12" © Traywick Contemporary & the artist
All Eyes on You, 2011 Steel, Apoxy, Clay, Mirror 12 X 20 X 13" © Nancy Mintz and Traywick Contemporary
Mother May I, 2011 Steel And Clay 12 X 36 X 12" © Nancy Mintz and Traywick Contemporary
Peep Show, 2010 Clay 12 X 16 X 12" © Nancy Mintz and Traywick Contemporary
Mother May I

895 Colusa Avenue
Berkeley , CA 94707
March 13th, 2011 - May 7th, 2011

East Bay
Thursday- Saturday 10 to 4, by appointment


Traywick Contemporary is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent sculpture by Bay Area artist Nancy Mintz.  Mother May I will be her first show with Traywick Contemporary. Showing concurrently will be Dharma Strasser MacColl:  Emanate.

In her new body of work Mintz works with clay, metal and wood to explore ideas of individual identity, and the environments in which identity is created. Iconic shapes such as houses, moons, ladders and eggs are central to this exploration. For Mintz, houses are not only shelters but also reflections and extensions of the distinct personalities of those that inhabit them, Mintz‘s moon represents the cycle of life as well as a force shaping and reflecting the environment around us: the tides, seasons, day and night. Her egg shape, hand-formed from clay and infused with a sense of permanence, references new life and the hopes, dreams and fears that come with new beginnings.

Mintz’s work has a distinct physicality that is reflected through her choice of materials.  They are selected for their unique ability to signify meaning: steel for it’s industrial strength and heft, wood for its solid structural capabilities combined with a sense of warmth, and clay for its ability to convey human touch and fragility. Her sculpture reflects both a unique sense of humor and a profound humility about those forces that shape our lives and relationships, and that are also very much out of our control.

Nancy Mintz received her BFA from California College of Art, Oakland; and her MFA from Mills College in 1993.  She has shown throughout the Bay Area including exhibitions at Southern Exposure, San Francisco; Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA; KALA Institute, Berkeley; Berkeley Art Center; and Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco.