Spoon Full of Sugar

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Spoon Full of Sugar

3265 17th Street #204
San Francisco , CA 94110
September 24th, 2010 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)
mixed-media, digital, installation, video-art, performance, conceptual, pop, modern, sculpture


Kitsch Gallery is proud to announce an exhibition by Ana Belén Cantoni, Kit Yi Wong and Carissa Potter, a second edition collaboration titled Spoon Full of Sugar. Their work explores love, possession and desire as both intersections and boundaries between humans, by stepping on the blurry frontier that separates where I end and YOU begin. Spoon Full of Sugar is a girly show that consciously flirts with feminism, we invite to slip into the shoes of these three ladies and walk around!

Ana Belén Cantoni is a Fulbright scholar from Colombia in the second year of her MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute. Her work deals with the notion of the self as something that is not given, but rather constructed. Her main interests are language and the architecture of the home, since they both work as shelters for the identity; she deals with these subjects by looking for the gaps in which the experience of losing ground occurs. Her practice is conceptually framed by Drawing. As she understands it, drawing is a matter of boundaries, and a line teaches us where one thing ends and another begins. 

Kit Yi Wong a.k.a. Ali Wong is a MFA Candidate at the Yale University School of Art, a conceptual artist and an independent curator. She is interested in how the body occupies the space between cultures, and is obsessed with encountering the mysterious and the unknown. She constantly worries that the sky will fall down. Having worked as a teaching assistant for Tony Labat, she is strongly influenced by the way he thinks and is her next move.

Carissa Potter
There is a time in the past when our future was the story I am telling you right now. I do know it could never have not happened if things didn’t occur just the way they did. A past-future tense.

Example A: If you hadn’t have slept with that other chick, I wouldn’t be breaking up with you now.

Example B: If I wasn’t so drunk at that bar last night, I would have asked her out, and we could be in love already. I would be living in her rent controlled apartment and saving up for a new lawn mower.

Example C: If my parents had only paid for me to have braces I would not be single and unemployed right now. I would be bragging to you about my one Gucci sweater and lunch last week with Andy Dick.